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Fitzroy North Primary School Blog

On the 16 of May Fitzroy North Primary School arrived at The Summit to start their 5-day camp. After hopping off their buses, the students went and set up their tents and found out who they would be sharing them with. After that, they all came down to meet The Summit staff that they would be doing activities with Centauri, Ash, Sam and Shanara. The group headed into the park to play a big group game of 50 Up to start camp. They all hopped into their groups: Chiffon Noodles, Muddy Potatoes, Dangers Possums and Raglafart Muffins for their first activities which were: Rock Wall, Snowy River Challenge, Giant Swing and Laser Skirmish. The groups then went up to the stadium to make their team flags. The teams then got some free time before heading to dinner.

The next morning the group got up and set morning intentions before heading out to start with a group game of Rock, Paper, Scars, Chant then headed to their numbered spots to start their next rotations.

The results for the Snowy River Challenge were:

Chiffon Noodles 39.09

Muddy Potatoes 30.03

Dangers Possums 25.04 Raglafart Muffins 51.21

After lunch, the groups had new activities: Leap of Faith, Snake and Nails, Bush Challenge and Inflatable City.

The Results for Bush Challenge were:

Raglafart Muffins45.23

Dangers Possums 23.15 - Winner! Well done!!

Muddy Potatoes 47.57

Chiffon Noodles 37.11

On Wednesday the group headed down to the Stadium and watched a video by Kid President and talked about all the things that we are grateful for in our lives. We then played a game of Pirates before two more rotations. We started our next set of activities which were the Flying Fox, Abseil, Cave and Summit Window. Everyone got outside of their comfort zones throughout the day.

On day four the teams talked about resilience and how to support their friends. We then headed down to play a repeat after me game of Get Loose, Get Funky before starting two rotations of activities. Just before lunch, the students started their last set of new activities of Sky Bridge, Orienteering, Tash’s Ladder and Scavenger Hunt.

The results for Scavenger Hunt were:

Chiffon Noodles 660

Muddy Potatoes 820

Dangers Possums 410

Raglafart Muffins 800.

After lunch, the groups went and got ready for their Monster Course. All the groups did an amazing job running around the course and giving it a really good go. Everyone got surprised and excited when they were told they would be doing the course again to see which group would have the biggest improvement time in the end.

The improvement times were:

Chiffon Noodles 8.47

Muddy Potatoes 9.20

Dangers Possums 7.13

Raglafart Muffins 4.52

Well Done everyone you all did a great job!

The last day was here before we knew it! The groups had three rotations to go before we all sat down to find out the Value Winners that were voted for by their groups. These students showed the 5 Keys that we had been talking about throughout the camp: Have Fun, Play All In, Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable, Make Lots of Mistakes and Don't Go Home Wondering What if.

The winners were Monty, Luka, Junedy and Fraya. After that, we said our goodbyes and waved the buses off.


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