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Fitzroy North Primary School Year 6 Camp Blog

On Monday the 15th of May a bunch of legends from Fitzroy North Primary School rocked up to The Summit and your energy to get into camp was awesome! What an epic 5 days we had planned for you all, let’s jog our memory of your time here at The Summit.

Day 1 started off by meeting your coaches that guided you through your camp experience. Your coaches were Logan, Emily, Lina, Calarnee, Sophie, Sarah, and Zoe. You also became familiar with our Five Keys and if we used them would make camp go from good to GREAT!

The Five Keys were:

1. Have Fun

2. Play All In

3. Make Lots of Mistakes

4. Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

5. Don’t Go Home Wondering What If

We started off by getting down into the park and playing a game of 50 Up. A challenge to bounce the ball up as a team over 50 times. You then got split into your tribes and straight into our activities.

Your activities for camp were:

- Leap of Faith, challenging our ability to trust not only ourselves but the entire process, and to take a leap into the unknown regardless of what was holding us back.

- Tash’s Ladder, scaling up our big tower to then lean over nothing but a ladder at the very top!

- Orienteering, navigating throughout the entire park to try and unlock riddles to gain as many points as possible.

- Scavenger Hunt, unleashing your competitiveness between the 2 teams to see who could complete varied challenges as a whole unit in the given time.

- Rock-Wall, the ultimate challenge of physical and mental strength, testing your will to keep climbing up through fear.

- Flying Fox, a fast and furious journey across the entire park flying through the air enjoying the spotlight.

- Inflatables, breaking up some of the action with more action focusing on just having fun!

- The Cave, moving through an epic small underground tunnel with no light to give hope and no sounds to comfort, challenging our fear of the unknown, and realizing the difference between perception and reality.

- Trust Games, challenging our level of trust within ourselves and our team through engaging in a variety of epic physical trust exercises.

- Abseil, feeling like the main character of Mission Impossible, challenges our ability to trust in ourselves.

- Sky Bridge, traversing across the lake on nothing but a bridge, using every bit of concentration and focus on your technique, only to realize that it is usually our belief that determines if we successfully make it across.

- Giant Swing, testing what it will take to let go of our fear and trust the process, letting go of “what if…”

- Summit Window, climbing up an 18-meter tower and scaling a ladder, sometimes when you push through your fear you will experience an incredible sense of freedom! Letting go was the key.

- Snowy River challenge, the ultimate test of teamwork and support involving a race through 5 obstacles as fast as possible to beat the opposing team's time.

- Laser Tag, dodging and weaving through our laser war zone striving to eliminate the opposition.

To finish off day 1 you all got to create your own team flag! Composed of your team name, everyone’s name on it, and a team mascot! What an epic start to camp.

Day 2 started off with breakfast, a selection of toast or cereal followed by a morning intentions session with Logan before continuing the rest of the day. Our intentions session covered asking ourselves who we wanted to be for the day and making deliberate choices (supportive, brave, kind, competitive, etc.). What a huge day we had planned for day 2. We had 5 activities that all of you absolutely crushed and it was a sight to see. Everyone was clearly already demonstrating our Five Keys.

Day 3 began with Emily talking about how to begin your day with a focus on showing up for your team and choosing to either dance in the rain and embrace it or just get wet. You then continued to smash your activities for the day, 4 activities that pushed you physically and mentally. To conclude the day we got a chance to create a tribe chant. A song and dance that represented us as a team. You then had free time to either play in the park using our volleyball and basketball court plus loads of sports equipment or practice those chants ready to present them tomorrow.

Day 4 was already underway, beginning with a talk from Logan focusing on what we are grateful for. Realizing the things that we do have instead of longing for the things we don’t. You all then began 3 activities for the morning getting warmed up for a massive afternoon. The afternoon started off presenting your amazing chants. Now these chants were epic, scored on enthusiasm, participation, and choreography. Well done Chicken Burgers on a tremendous victory. To conclude what was already an epic day you all participated in the Monster Course! Running through a mud run obstacle course linked with the team to achieve not only the best time but also a closer connection to your fellow peers and teammates. After the first lap we followed it up with a surprise, we told you we were going to do it twice! The ultimate test of resilience, perseverance, and determination. Every one of your students and teachers pushed through the second lap and it was clearly achieved through the support and encouragement you showed for everyone in the group.

Day 5 had arrived, and some of us were sad to be leaving but also glad to sleeping in our own beds. To finish off camp we started with your last two activities. You then got a chance to vote for someone in your group who stood up and stood out throughout the 5 days, the person in the team who best demonstrated the Five Keys. Just when you thought camp was over we all got to witness our WW2 army tank crush a car! And it was non-other than your team's values winner that got to have a first-class seat inside the tank as it got to work.

Thank you Fitzroy North Primary for playing all in and achieving what was once thought impossible!

Keep Unleashing Your Greatness!


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