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Fitzroy North PS Blog

On Monday 26th of April 2021, The Summit was lucky enough to have Fitzroy North Primary School grade 6's for their 3-day camp. After jumping off the bus the students were introduced to our 5 Keys:

1. Have Fun

2. Play All In

3. Make Lots of Mistakes

4. Get comfortable Being Uncomfortable

5. Don't Go Home Wondering What if!

These were going to be our focus over the three days.

We then got straight into our first lot of rotations with Giant Swing, Snowy River Challenge, Snake & Nails, Summit Window, and Laser Skirmish. Each activity tested us all in different ways whether it be heights, working in a team, or even holding a Snake, everyone had a chance to push them outside of their comfort zones.

With day two quickly upon us, we started our morning by setting a morning intention giving us a chance to set a goal for how we wanted our day to look. Heading straight out into the park we had an action-packed day planned finishing off the last of our 5 rotations and starting a new one of either Rockwall, Inflatables, Flying Fox, Highwire, and Scavenger Hunt. Massive shoutout to Aoife for making it all the way to the top of the overhanging wall, great effort. It was then time to start the much-anticipated Monster Course where the teams set out racing the clock to who could set the quickest time. Once the teams got back they were told that they would be running the course again and that the winning team wasn't the team that finished first but the team that improved the time the most from the first lap. Great job to everyone who smashed the Monster Course not once but twice.

Our final day had arrived and we were lucky enough to start our morning off altogether and share some things that we are grateful for in our lives. Heading out to the park we got our bodies moving with a game of Rock Paper Scissors Evolution then straight into some new activities. The Rock Wall, Inflatables, Flying Fox, Highwire, and Scavenger Hunt. An epic way to finish off our camp, at the end of the last rotation each team voted for one person in their tribe who lived camp by the 5 Keys, these people received a Summit hat to take home with them. Congratulations to Aoife, Luca K, Elliot, Luca, and Danaya.

The Summit Crew would like to say thanks to everyone from Fitzroy North who came along :)


Snowy River Challenge:

1st Just do it Marshmallows 19.46

2nd Purple Grapes 24.25

3rd Danger Dogs 24.44

4th Soggy Hashbrowns 31.58

5th Re-Room 48.34

MONSTER COURSE (improvement times)

1st Purple Grapes 17.10

2nd Danger Dogs 13.07

3rd Soggy Hashbrowns 10.37

4th Just do it Marshmallows 9.28

5th Re-Room 6.00


1st Just do it Marshmallows 6800pts

2nd Purple Grapes 3400pts

3rd Danger Dogs 2800pts


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