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Footscray High School Camp 2 Blog

On Monday the 30th of May, Footscray students from all campuses came together to The Summit! Knowing little of the new friends they’d meet and the new memories they were going to make!

Students headed to the Lodge where they met camp leaders Ella, Ash, Chey, Sam and Adam. Ella welcomed the students to The Summit by introducing the Five Keys to an epic camp:

1. Have Fun

2. Play All In

3. Make Lots of Mistakes

4. Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

5. Don't Go Home Wondering What-If

From here camp was ready to begin!

Starting off camp with our first key ‘Have Fun’, we played a game of ‘Gotcha’ to see who was ready to play all in and of course have a bit of fun! The students headed to their first initiatives where 5 new epic teams were created!

1. The Legends

2. Bens Fan Club (BFC)

3. Fruity Johnations

4. Dirty Dozens

5. Skuffed

Before starting our first activity rotations, we became physically and mentally ready by learning how to wear a harness and helmet, and learnt how to set goals using the target, stretch and super stretch technique. The teams had an epic range of activities on day one, either the Giant Swing, Abseil, Snake and Nails, the Bush Challenge or Laser Skirmish! After a big first day and peaceful night walk to end the day, students went to sleep ready for what tomorrow had in store


On day 2 we welcomed coach Shanara and started the morning by setting an intention, a goal that we wanted to achieve for the day. The students had plenty of opportunities to hit those goals and super stretches, as we played an epic game of Jockeys (Kath and Kim style), completed 3 rotations of awesome activities and smashed our Monster Course! The course was a fan favourite for the Footscray students. The weather was wet, cold and muddy, but these legends only saw it as more opportunity for fun! The Monster Course was completed not only once, but twice to see how much our teams could improve on the 2nd lap! Every team improved and definitely got super muddy!

The last day of camp quickly came around, we started our morning by reflecting on all we had to be grateful for, especially the warm showers and garlic bread we had after the Monster Course! The teams finished off their last 2 rotations by either doing the Leap of Faith, Highwire, The Cave, the Snowy River Challenge or Inflatables. Teams then reflected on the last few days here at The Summit and voted for someone in their team who had lived and breathed by our Five Keys. These people became Footscray's values winners. The values winners were rewarded a hot lap in our WW2 army tank!

Thank you so much for an epic time! Everyone pushed themselves outside of their comfort zones, overcame their fears and truly unleashed their greatness.

All the best for the rest of your year, we hope to see you again!

From Ella, Ash, Shan, Sam, Chey and Adam.


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