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What a pleasure and privilege it has been for The Summit to have the Year 12 students and teachers from Geelong High School at camp. With an early arrival and making the most of the opportunity to be at camp, it was straight into an initiative to form the tribes and name them. The $treet, The Kids Next Door, Sussy Beans, Not Fast but Furious, The Lords, Trudes Crew, and The British Empire were the tribe names.

Here are the full results from the tribe challenges.

Snowy River Challenge:

The $treet 21.01

Trudes Crew 17.01

Not Fast but Furious 15.30

Sussy beans 14.48

The Lords 13.19

The Kids Next Door 10.11

The British Empire 5.18 - winner

Monster Course improvement time:

Not Fast But Furious = 5.36

The Lords = 6.25

The Kids Next Door = 6.37

Sussy Beans = 7.04

The British Empire = 8.00

Trudes Crew = 11.46

The $treet = 12.44 best improvement time

At the end of camp, you chose your tribe member who really lived by the 5 Keys of camp. Congratulations to Sophie, Molly, Rob, Monique, Mahalo, Hayley, and Baz on your acknowledgment and reward of the ride in the tank.

The effort to Play All In, Get comfortable being Uncomfortable definitely meant that you would and did not leave camp Wondering What If. These keys don’t stop at camp, take them into your everyday.

We all wish you the best for the rest of your school year and thank you once again for coming to the camp and playing o hard over the past 2 days.


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