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Gladstone Park SC Year 10 Camp Blog

Day one: we started with an introduction to their accommodation and then to their coaches, Spinks, and Marcus; we then spoke to them about The Summit's Five Keys, Great Moments in Camp (GMICs), and a goal-setting strategy called Target, Stretch and Super Stretch. After playing a game of Clap ball, we made our way down to the park to play a game called “Where is George?” where they had to reuse George and bring him home safely as a team. The two rotations were Sky Bridge, where Erin, Elly, and Elyas pushed themselves, and Inflatables, where the girls won the relay race, and the boys won the soccer challenge.

Five Keys:

1. Have Fun

2. Play All In

3. Make Lots of Mistakes

4. Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

5. Don’t Go Home Wondering, ‘What If.’

Day two and we started the day with an intentions session where the students were asked to think about what they wanted their day to look like and how they would do it. Each person wrote their answer down on the whiteboard, and we then took a photo to check in throughout the day. To move their bodies, we played a game called Jockeys, after the game we went straight into the activities. Before lunch we had; Flying Fox where Imogen, Abby, and Elyas were mentioned for doing their best and playing all

On. orienteering, where there were three mini groups; Pookies got 60 points, many got 90 points Daboiz got 90 points by finding markers and solving riddles/wordles. The group then did Summit Window, where Zillah was a shoutout for facing her fears. After lunch, the group completed their Snowy River Challenge, where they smashed through the elements: the balance beam, the wall, the wire bridge, the swing, and the wombat hole. They managed this in 25 minutes. Ready and warmed up, we embarked on the epic Monster Course, where the team completed an epic lap; they completed the course in 52 minutes... After rinsing off in the lake, they then had showers, had some dinner, and watched a movie.

The last day of camp started by reading out a bunch of GMICs to each other; they were then asked to acknowledge the people in their lives whom they were grateful for. With the intention of not going home wondering ‘what if’, they had two more rotations to do. First up was the Leap of Faith, where students chose to do a trust fall or go for the trapeze bar, many team members were stretched and pushed out of their comfort zones. We then moved on to the army tank, where the group had to vote for three people who represented the heroes of the group (stood up and stood out in the team), the heart of the group (not necessarily the loudest bit, the most caring and kind in the team) and the Values winner of the group (embodies the Five Keys consistently)

Hero: Erin

Heart: Elyas

Values winner: Oliver

Snake and Nails was the last activity of camp, where students got the opportunity to cross the nail board where they had to use their mind over matters to make it across. Then we met Monty the inland carpet python.

On behalf of The Summit, Marcus, and Spinks we would once again like to say a big thank you for coming to camp and having all the fun with us, all the best for the rest of the year.


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