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What a wonderful way to start back for term three, having the students and teachers from Glen Eira come to The Summit for their year 8 three-day camp. After all the introductions, it was time to get out of the campgrounds and begin the camp by coming up with a tribe name. Leaf, The Lads, Ozzie Supremacist, NPC’s, NPC’s 2.0, Crazy Ducks, Dave the Duck, Muddy 8 and Mini Minions were the names chosen for the tribes.

Here are the full results from the tribe challenges.

Bush Challenge:

NPC’s 29.00

Muddy 8 22.31

Mini Minions 21.15

Leaf 21.14

Ozzie Supremacies 20.48

NPC’s 2.0 19.48

The Lads 19,47

Crazy Ducks 17.50

Snowy River Challenge:

NPC’s 38.10

Muddy 8 31.28

NPC’s 2.0 29.26

Ozzie Supremacies 25.26

Dave the Duck 23.48

Crazy Ducks 23.28

The Lads 23.01

Monster Course:

Leaf improved by 5.00

Dave the Duck improved by 5.54

Crazy Ducks improved by 6.28

NPC’s improved by 6.40

Ozzie Supremacies improved by 6.55

The Lads improved by 7.08

NPC’s 2.0 improved by 7.28

Mini Minions improved by 8.23

Muddy 8 - improvement time of 10.15 WINNERS!

Throughout camp, there were some heroic efforts with people pushing themselves well beyond their comfort zone and really getting their stretch or super stretches which was amazing to see. The GMIC were great to read out and acknowledge the great effort noticed by your own peers.

At the end of camp, each tribe voted for Values winners, who live by The Summit's Five Keys. These individuals were rewarded with a ride in the WW2 army tank. Congratulations to Louis, Nile, Jasper, Lucas, Leo, Kerrin, Jack, and Lev.

We hope you have had a wonderful time at The Summit and stay connected with the Summit Survivor coming up soon.

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