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What great three days it has been with the year 8 students and teachers from Glen Eira College. After a brief introduction to The Summit, it was time to get into camp and activities.

The tribes:

Gangster Grannies

Team Trent

Dirty Ducks

Double 2 Double 0

The Trunks

The Boogie People

Bing Qilin

Osi Legends

The 9ers

The Fellas

With ten groups and only 8 rotations of activities not all groups got to do all the same activities but the ones you did do, you gave your all and made the most of being able to be on camp.

Here are the results from the tribe challenges.

Snowy River Challenge:

45.22 Bing Qilin

44.30 Osi Legends

41.06 Team Trent

36.24 The Boogie People

29.16 Double 2 Double 0

27.30 Dirty Ducks

24.17 The Trunks

Winning with a time of 19.23 was Gangster Grannies

Monster Course improvement times:

Dirty Ducks 7.30

Double 2 Double 0 8.38

Bing Qilin 10.05

Gangster Grannies 10.44

The Boogie people 11.57

The Trunks 12.00

Osi Legends 12.03

The 9ers 12.15

Team Trent 15.00

Winning were The Fellas with an improvement of 15.37

At the end of camp, you voted for members in your tribes who lived by the Five Keys. They were rewarded with a ride in the army tank. Congratulations to Jamie, Angus, Lily, Josh S, Charlotte, Adrianna, Angus M, Anudndya, Oubarn, and Fu yang. Well done on a great camp.

Thank you for coming to The Summit. We cannot wait to have you back at camp in the near future.

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