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On the 5th of May Glen Eira College arrived at the gates of The Summit on a sunny Monday afternoon. The students got to go into their cabins and get settled in before coming back down to meet the coaches and head down to play a game of 50 Up. They then hopped into their new teams: Balingals, Dawg, Pussy Cats, Ozzi Legends, Potato, Bosnians, The Mules and Uncle Dave before starting our first two rotations of Leap of Faith, Orienteering, Giant Swing, Bush Challenge, Sky Bridge, Laser Skirmish, Tash’s Ladder and Inflatable City. The times for Bush Challenge were: Balingals 21:49, Dawg 31:06, Pussy Cat 28:25, Ozzie Legends 16:52, Potato 16:59, Bosnians 15;33 The Muse 23:16, Uncle Dave 20:16. After that, the students got to have some free time before they went in for dinner.

On Tuesday morning the students started off by setting intentions for the day before heading out into the park to play a game of Jockeys before heading off for their first three activities before lunch and then one more before a big competition in their groups to see who was the best team at Clap Ball. The next day we talked about all the things we are grateful for and then headed down into the park to play a game of Pirates. There were then two more rotations before lunch. After lunch, there were new activities to get started on: Abseil, Snake and Nails, Rock Wall, Snowy River Challenge, Summit Widow, Scavenger Hunt, High Wire and Flying Fox. The results for Snowy River Challenge were Balingals 14:35, Dawg 12:57, Pussy Cats 13:10, Ozzi Legends 13:31, Potato 22:44, Bosnian’s 14:27, Uncle Dave 17:33. Nice work Dawg for coming in first place with the quickest time.

Day four was here before we even knew it. On this day we had a bit of a later start, but before we got started we all spoke about resilience and how we show it in our everyday life. After completing the day's rotations the Monster Course got started in the afternoon. Everyone that gave the Monster Course a go had the best time going through all the mud and water and obstacles. The group with the biggest improvement time for the Monster Course was Potatos 8:35, well done team and everyone that had a go! After the course, it was time for some free time before dinner.

On the final day of camp, we had one last activity rotation to go, but before that, we all played a big game of Huckle Buckle. Before leaving we announced the value winners of the camp. The people that showed their team the Five Keys that we talk about throughout the camp: Play All In, Have Fun, Make Lots Of Mistakes, Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable and Don’t Go Home Wondering What If. The winners were Jed, Patrick, Harvey, Blake, Nina, Felix, Lucas and Lindsay. Well done all!. This lucky group got to go for a lap in our Army Tank while we all got to watch it crush a car. It was so cool to see! After that, we said our goodbyes as they hopped on the bus and left The Summit.


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