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It has been amazing to have the year 9’s from Grovedale College at The Summit for their 3-day camp. It was nice to see some familiar faces from the teaching staff once again after a long year of absence. With no time to waste, each tribe came together to tackle their first two activities and come up with tribe names. These names would also transform onto flags made on the first night of camp. Welcome Biggie, Team MATT, Cobra Kai, Orange Juice, Darwin and the Amigos, Roar, Zeze, and Dino Nuggies.

The tribe challenges were brilliantly contested throughout camp, be it Scavenge Hunt, Snowy River Challenge, and Monster Course, everyone did an amazing job for their tribe; here are the result for the tribe challenges.

Photo Scavenger Hunt: Dino Nuggies 390 points, Biggie 400 points, equal on points were Roar and Cobra Kai on 410 points, Team MATT scored 440 points, Orange Juice scored 480 points, Zeze scored 490 points but winning with 510 was Darwin and the Amigos.

Snowy River Challenge: Team MATT completed the course in 28.29, Cobra Kai, in 26.49, Orange juice completed the course in 26.15, Dino Nuggies did it in 21.20, Biggie breezed through in 21.12, Roar was fast enough to take third in a time of 20.13, Zeze was second in a time of 18.18 but winning was Darwin and the Amigos in a time of 9.18!

Monster course improvement times: Team MATT 3.11, Biggie 3.40, Dino Nuggies 4.45, Cobra Kai 5.17, Roar 5.28, Darwin and the Amigos 6.32 (3rd), Zeze 8.16(2nd) and wining were Orange Juice 10.15.

There were so many inspirational moments throughout camp none more so than the GMIC’s that were read out, the attempts of the Leap of Faith, the efforts on the Rock Wall, and falls on the Sky Bridge but got back up or the stepping into the unknown of the dark Cave. Well done to everyone for your efforts throughout camp.

At the end of camp, each of you voted for a member of your tribe who lived by (Having Fun, Playing All In, Making Lots of Mistakes, Getting Comfortable Being Uncomfortable and Not Leaving Camp Wondering What If). These individuals were Kallayis, Lenny, Chloe, Paige, Darvin, Justine, Sienna, and Savannah.

Well done to you all and to everyone who came on camp to The Summit. We look forward to seeing you again and, maybe for The Summit Survivor.


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