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Grovedale College Year 9 Camp Blog

On a hot sunny Wednesday afternoon, the students from Grovedale College rode through The Summit gates. They were shown to the Tent Accommodations and then directed down to The Stadium where they got introduced to The Summit team and our Five Keys. The first game played was a game of Gotcha followed by one initiative and two rotations of activities. The activities, were as follows: Leap of Faith, Sky Bridge, Scavenger Hunt, Summit Window, Snowy River Challenge, Laser Skirmish, and Flying Fox. The group was talked to about a goal-setting strategy, called target stretch, and super stretch, which helps break activities down into three manageable chunks. Students were also taught about GMICs which stands for 'great moments in camp' where the students can write letters of affirmation to each other throughout the camp.

It’s day two, and we kick off the day with breakfast and a morning intentions session run by Logan, a few GMIC's were read out before we asked them to head into the park for a game of Jockeys and three rotations of activities. After the rotations, they had lunch, followed by our epic Tribe Challenge, which consisted of Tic-Tac-Toe, Shoe Bowling, Monkey Hang, and Tug-of-War. Once they were warned up, there were ready for The Summit's legendary Monster Course. All teams improved by a minimum of five minutes. Great effort team.

The last day of camp shows tired faces however the day program isn't over yet. The day as usual started with breakfast followed by a gratitude session run by Adam. Once we realized what we were grateful for, the room was filled with a bit of joy. We then went down to the park where we got a bit silly, we completed a repeat after-me exercise called 'big star little star'. The last two rotations run and the kids were keen to not leave anything behind with any regrets or wondering what if. After the last rotation was completed they then chose one person to represent their team as their values winners and then got to have a hot lap in The Summit's WW2 army tank. Results in the table below;

On behalf of Summit and the Coaches, we would say a big thank you to the teachers and students of Grovedale College who played all on and joined us in having all the fun! All the best to the rest of the school year ahead!

Spinks/Sonic, Adam, Sarah, Logan, Mim, Steph, Sophie, Marcus


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