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Hartwell PS Year 5 Camp Blog

It has been a pleasure having the students and teachers from Hartwell PS attend The Summit for their grade five camp. The energy they showed our staff from the beginning had been contagious and one just cannot NOT have all the fun and play all in.

After all the formal introductions and pointing out the key areas to know, it was time to get out into the park for some fun. Each tribe started as numbered groups but soon formed tribe identities with a tribe name. We welcomed the Smiley Avocados, Cookie Monsters, Legendary Lin’s, Slayers, The Fabulous Five, Witteraw Summitarians, 13 Deadly Children.

Throughout camp, there were many outstanding moments that we all saw. This was evident with the high volume of G.M.I.C’s (Great Moment In Camp) given and received. Each tribe ventured through the Cave and into the unknown, showing so much bravery. With the Flying Fox, we saw you all soaring through the tree and over our lake to the safety of your teachers. The Initiatives showed us all how well we can work together to solve brain teasers and come together as a stronger tribe. Highwire was an activity that tested your limits and balance as you went out to meet up with friends for that golden high five. Rock Wall had several different challenges to choose from, including the sprinkles wall, where two out of the cohort reached the top and rang the bell. Congrats to Eva and Ellie. Tash’s Ladder saw you climb the vertical ladder towards the sky and then perform if you wanted to the Starfish. Some very impressive starfishes. Inflatables had some great games of Foosball and some amazing times for the adrenaline rush.

Here are some of the group results from the camp:


Smiley Avocados 2.54

Cookie Monsters 3.21

Fabulous Five 3.23

13 Deadly Children 3.25

Legendary Lin’s 3.25

Witteraw Summitarians 3.26

Slayers 3.49.

Monster Course Improvement Time:

Fabulous Five 11.15

Cookie Monsters 11.08

Legendary Lin’s 9.10

Slayers 6.54

Smiley Avocados 6.50

13 Deadly Children 4.59

Witteraw Summitarians 0.48

At the end of camp, each tribe voted for a Values winner. These individuals were acknowledged and rewarded with a ride in The Summit's WW2 army tank. Congratulations to Sam, Ruby, Hugh, Anabelle, Amy, Addie, Ellie, and Olivia.

Thank you once again to all the students and teachers from Hartwell P.S. We can not wait to see you back at The Summit soon.


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