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On Wednesday the 23rd of June we welcomed Hume Central Secondary. After a long trek to The Summit, we got the year 12’s settled into their accommodation. Before we knew it was time to get into all the fun activities. However, before we got into it we shared a few great tools for the year 12’s to add into their experiences whilst at The Summit. We also shared our 5 KEYS. These keys are:

1. Have Fun

2. Play All In

3. Make Lots of Mistakes

4. Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

5. Don’t Go Home Wondering What If

We believe if you use one or more of these 5 Keys you’ll have the best chance of expanding your comfort zone to the absolute max. We also shared something called Target, Stretch, and Super Stretch. This is how the students break any challenges into three manageable steps. Making it more achievable for them to step outside their comfort zones.

Over the three days, the year 12’s completed a range of activities that challenged them in many ways but also left them feeling proud and accomplished. These activities are designed to push you outside your comfort zones. For example, the students found themselves jumping off a 10-meter ledge, grabbing a bar and hanging upside down before being lowered to the ground safely, scurrying through the laser tag field, Balancing over logs and climbing walls at the Snowy River Challenge, climbing our BIG Tower to complete The Summit Window. That meant climbing 23 meters in the air onto a small platform and leaning back with no hands and one leg. The only thing the students had to keep them safe securely was their harness and ropes, the rest was up to them to play all in and get comfortable being uncomfortable. Or for some, very uncomfortable! The fun didn’t stop there, the year 12’s also tackled our Giant Swing flying 26 meters in the air (tallest in Victoria) navigating through our dark manmade Cave, completing the High Wire Challenge, hanging out with our pet Python Monty and walking over a bed of nails. Talk about three days of EPIC fun and excitement.

The Year 12’s also wrote many GMIC which was incredible to see. The GMIC stands for great moments in camp. To see so many of you take the time to express your gratitude and support to one another was world-class, expressly being year 12 is all about getting around each other and being supportive to those around us.

To start our mornings at The Summit we considered the things we had to be grateful for and took the time to set a morning intention. As the saying goes win the morning win the day. We believe if you take the time to set your day up you’ll get more out of your day as you have a direction of where you want to go. And when you start your day from a place of gratefulness and joy you have no choice to be nothing but joyful. It’s easy to show up on the easy days, how do you show up when the days are challenging? That will say a lot about you as an individual.

On the second day, the year 12’s got to experience our world-class Monster Challenge, for many this was a highlight of their camp experience. We thank everybody who played all in and gave it their very best because not only we do the course once, but twice. The first time to see how fast we could go and the second to see how as a team we could improve on our first lap. Sometimes winning isn’t everything it’s about how we grow and improve as a team. When the going gets tough how are you going to pull together and unleash your greatness. Incredible efforts all around.

Over the three days at The Summit is was super impressive to see so many students really take the time to expand their comfort zones and have some incredible discussions after the activities. The crew from The Summit wishes you nothing but the absolute best for the rest of the year. We hope that you have all learned a few tools that can help you keep unleashing your greatness. Don’t stay in your “small and safe comfort zones” it's time to take the jump and expand them.

Team names:

1. Air force

2. Braudy boys

3. Lemon and limes

4. Summitens

Snowy times:

1. 19.02 2nd place

2. 16.20 1st place

3. 25.00 3rd place

4. 35.00

Monster times:

1. 3.26

2. 4.00

3. 10.20

4. 12.44

Values winners:

1. Moey A

2. Adam A

3. Moehamad

4. Hannah


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