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Hume Central Secondary College Camp Blog

A group of legends from Hume Central SC arrived at The Summit Adventure Camp on the 20th of March. They were welcomed by the camp coaches that would be taking them through the camp experience: Sophie, Spinks, and Logan. The coaches gave the kids a brief overview of the activities they would be doing over the next three days. Throughout the camp, the students participated in a massive range of epic activities. These activities were Laser Skirmish, Trust Games, Tash’s Ladder, Snake and Nails, Abseil, High Wire, Rockwall, and Bush Challenge.

On day 2, the students started off their day with a morning intentions session with Spinks. Encouraging the students to choose who they wanted to be for the day (encouraging, brave, courageous). The students also participated in an epic mud run called the Monster Course and let us tell you, it was EPIC! All activities challenged the students either physically or mentally and pushed them out of their comfort zones. It was so cool to see the growth from day 1 to day 3. The students became very familiar with The Summits Five Keys as the students demonstrated each one throughout camp. The keys were Have Fun, Play All In, Make Lots of Mistakes, Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable, and Don’t Go Home Wondering What If.

On the final day, the students all anonymously voted 2 members of the team who they thought demonstrated the Five Keys best throughout camp. Lastly, the students got to witness The Summit's very own WW2 tank go for a hot lap around the tank track. And the ones that were voted were rewarded with a first-class seat inside the tank!

What an epic time it was!

Thanks to Hume Central from Logan, Spinks, and Sophie.

Keep Unleashing YOUR Greatness!


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