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On Monday afternoon the students of Huntingtower arrived at The Summit, all ready for an epic 3 days to grow their team-building skills and push themselves outside of their comfort zone!

Settled into their accommodation, the students made their way to The Lodge where the camp was about to begin. To set their time at The Summit up for success, coach Ella introduced the Five Keys, our key ingredients to making an epic camp experience. After introducing the rest of The Summit crew to the students, we all made our way down to the park.

Starting camp with our first key, ‘have fun, we played a game called “Gotcha”. After this, the students were introduced to their activity groups for the first time. The groups then headed to complete an initiative game, which was the beginning of seven epic teams:

- The A-Team

- Cheeky Bounce

- Warner Bro’s

- Dequarva

- High Five

- Group 7 (which was actually group 6)

- Team Alfred

The teams then ended the afternoon with two awesome activity rotations!

On day 2 we were welcomed with blue skies and a beautiful day, followed by a delicious breakfast. After our bellies were full, we started our day by setting an intention or a goal of how we wanted our day to look and what we wanted to achieve. With our goals and intentions in mind, the teams headed to the park, played an epic game of Jockies and then completed three rotations full of having fun and getting comfortable being uncomfortable.

Here is when the competition got real. Our seven teams then merged into Huntingtower's 4 house colours, Bruce (red), Warrall (yellow), Mather (blue) and Rayner (green), even wearing their customized house colour shirts!!

The teams were then faced with a Tug of War competition!

Warrall VS Bruce winner = Warrall

Mather VS Rayner winner = Rayner

Overall winner: Warrall VS Rayner winner = WARRALL!!

With the students now in competition mode, we began the monster course! Teams worked together better than ever, and mud was flying! All teams made it through the course with impressive times! However, we told them that the Monster Course was not complete, but they were to do the course again and the winner would be determined by who improved their time the most!

The day ended with smiles on their faces and their originally bright colourful tops now covered in mud!

The last day of camp quickly rolled around. We started our day by reading out some GMICs, where the amazing teachers had their big Lollie bags ready for prizes! Ella explained to the students how writing and reading out GMICs is a form of gratitude, as it makes you feel good to share and acknowledge others for their greatness. From there the students pondered on what else in life they are grateful for.

The teams then headed back to the park to complete their last two activity rotations. In the last debrief the students then individually voted for someone in their team to become a values winner, someone who lived and breathed by our Five Keys. We then read out all the results and congratulated the seven value winners, who luckily enough got a hot lap in our army tank!

Thank you Huntingtower students and teachers for coming to The Summit, all the best for the rest of the year and we hope to see you again!

Ella, Spinks, Sam, Steph, Ash, Shan, Cam, and Timmy.


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