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Kilbreda College Mentone Blog

Monday afternoon, the buses full of Kilberda students and staff rolled through the gates of the park, eager to get started they all made their way up to their accommodations.

The Summit coaches were welcomed by their team leader Steph, and the Five Keys were shared with the students, as they are the ingredients for a great camp. As the students were shown to the stage, we went straight into a game called “Gotcha”. Students were taught about setting ‘targets, stretches and super stretches' to help them break down activities that might feel overwhelming. Two rotations of activities were run and then the students had some free time before dinner!

Day two and we started the day off with an intentions session where the students were asked to think about who they wanted to be for that day and what that looked like. With help from Beyoncé and her song, 'I Was Here’ the girls made their own intentions for the day. Down to the stage they went to play a game of ‘jockeys’ to get their bodies moving. After three massive rotations, the students got to have some lunch and relax. Once lunch was complete, students changed into their monster attire, we ran them through two quick games- 50 Up and then a repeat after me song called ‘Big Star, Little Star’. It was time to begin the Monster Course and the students were ready, they smashed their first lap. Little did they realize that the true test of resilience and grit was in doing the Monster lap twice, the winner of the Monster Course was the tribe with the best improvement time, comparing their first lap to their second one! All teams improved their time by at least 3 mins, well done!

On day three, the students are feeling a bit tired and sore from the previous day, they got another try at setting their intentions as well as figuring out their own “go” words and or quotes they like to say to stay present and in the moment. To get their bodies in the right state we played a game of “Pirates”, the tribes then completed four rotations before ending the day with free time and dinner.

Last day and there were a lot of tired faces in the room, we read out a bunch of GMICs which was amazing, followed by a gratitude session where they had a visualization session to channel instant gratitude just by closing their eyes and flicking through channels on a remote in their hand. We also set a quick intention as they only had one more rotation to go and they didn’t want to go home wondering ‘what if’. The students then reported to the stage to do the final two games- the first up was the repeat of after me dance ‘Get Loose’ followed by a game of ‘Huckle Buckle’ on the volleyball court.

After the last rotation had been completed, the tribes get to reflect on their camp experience with each other and then proceeded to choose a values winner for their tribe, someone who embodied the Five Keys the most consistently throughout camp (names stated in the table below)

All activities were as follows; Leap of Faith, Snowy River Challenge, Flying Fox, Scavenger Hunt, Abseil, Snake and Nails, High-Wire, Orienteering, Tash’s Ladder and Cave.


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