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Kororoit Creek Primary School Camp Blog

On Monday the 29th of November The Summit welcomed buses of 160 year 6s from Kororoit Creek Primary School.

After they hopped off the bus, the students were promptly shown to their accommodation where they had the opportunity to set up and eat some lunch before the festivities began!

The adventure started in a space called “The Lodge” where campers met their dream team of coaches that would be with them over the next couple of days! After meeting their coaches, Ash told campers about the Five Keys we have created here at The Summit that when embraced will turn the next couple of days from good to EPIC! These keys are:

  1. Have Fun

  2. Play All In

  3. Make Lots of Mistakes

  4. Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

  5. Don’t Go Home Wondering What If

With all the ingredients and a recipe for the best camp ever set and good to go, it was time to let the real fun begin! We ran our way down into the park and started with a game of 50 Up, helping Sally bounce her way into the next Olympics. Then of course we learned from Cam how to put on a harness and helmet, and Sarah taught us an awesome goal-setting strategy called “Target, Stretch, and Super Stretch”

The first set of activities that were in store, was a set of team-building initiative challenges. These were all about working together and identifying some key team values that would be important for the challenges that campers would come up against over the next few days. Then, of course, these teams had to come up with some epic names!

Teams came up with:

Group 1 - Cheese Ball-erz

Group 2 - Goats

Group 3 - Bucket Hats

Group 4 - Crazy Kookaburras

Group 5 - Fantastic 15’s

Group 6 - Speedy Toes

Group 7 - Bob’s Burgers

Group 8 - Popcorn Chicken

Group 9 - Mexicans

Group 10 - Cheesy Nuggets

Group 11 - Potato’s

Over the extraordinary 3 days of camp, each group did eight of eleven thrilling activities. The array of epic activities had students flung 26 meters in the air on one of Victoria's highest giant swings, competing for points in

creativity in the Scavenger Hunt got the best bird's eye view of The Summit on Tash’s Ladder, worked together to solve intense teamwork challenges on the Bush Challenge, scaling the side of buildings like Spiderman on the Rock Wall, put navigational skills to the test on Orienteering, used every ounce of bravery on the Leap of Faith, tested belief and mindset on Snake and Nails, Climbed trees like a bunch of koalas on the Highwire, crawled through the darkness in the Cave and bounced quite literally off the walls in inflatables.

Day one was topped off by learning about a camp tradition at the Summit called GMICs, which is all about writing down some Great Moments In Camp that they had witnessed on a piece of paper to have it read out and acknowledged!

Day two started with learning about setting a morning intention, this means choosing who you want to show up as for that day. Some epic daily intentions were shared, some were to give things a try, some said to be respectful and a couple of people said to get as muddy as possible!

Coaches Sarah and Soph ran a game of Pirates where they recruited 5 out of 160 to join the captain on deck! This was a super fun and hilarious way to begin activities for the day!

We hit the ground running with a massive three-activity rotation before lunch! We saw goals being smashed, courage taken and heard the waves of laughter that echoed throughout the park.

After a delicious lunch and one more activity, it was time to complete some more intentions and get head-to-toe muddy on The Summit’s famous mud run! This was an obstacle course event that involved so much teamwork, strength, problem-solving, determination, and a whole heap of resilience. After one spectacular lap of the obstacle course was complete, it was revealed that the winner of the course would actually be the team that improved their first lap by the most! So every single team rose to the challenge and did the whole thing AGAIN! And, teams got some incredible improvement times! Here are the results -

  1. 3.19

  2. 9.47

  3. 8.13

  4. 9.11

  5. 7.10

  6. 11:29

  7. 10:58

  8. 6:02

  9. 9.12

  10. 6.45

  11. 12.08

Congratulations to the Potatoes for being the ultimate winners!

The final day of camp started with a talk on the importance of gratitude, then watching a Kid President video that inspired us to list things in our own lives that we’re grateful for. In one minute we listed at least 25 things! It wasn’t hard to do, however, we learned the importance of doing it to start our day off right! Simply listing off and recognizing some of the awesome things we have around us, inspired us to dig deep and find the energy to complete the last two activities.

Even though campers were absolutely exhausted from the ginormous one-and-a-half days, they still worked hard to get the most out of the last few hours of camp.

To conclude the activities, each group shared some reflections on camp and voted for one team member who they thought had really embodied the Five Keys of camp. Congratulations to:

  1. Joel

  2. Nuwan

  3. Kaitlyn

  4. Riddhi

  5. Mariam and Lawson

  6. Maral

  7. Alex

  8. Ethan

  9. Marley and Samuel

  10. Hayley

  11. Zeke

Camp finished with some thank you's, reading some awaited results, and taking an epic group photo.

The Scavenger Hunt results are:

  1. 575

  2. 518

  3. 360

  4. 415

  5. 350

  6. 340

  7. 260

  8. 310

The Bush Challenge results are:

  1. 46.26

  2. 39.40

  3. 44.44

  4. 44.53

  5. 34.48

  6. 44.09

  7. 48.52

  8. 37.17

From all of us here at the Summit, we want to say another huge thank you to the students, teachers, and parent helpers from Kororoit Creek Primary School. All the best with year 7 next year!

From Coaches

Ash, Sarah, Steph, Yves, Lina, Marcus, Cam, Chey, Sam, Sophie, Mim, and Sunny


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