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Kurnai College


We loved having Kurnai at the Summit. With such a small group we packed in heaps of fun and challenges over the three days.

We started off with a great game of fifty up, and you all achieved 55 on your third attempt, not a bad way to start. After we did a quick initiative to settle into our groups and create a tribe name, in the end we had the Drop Bears and The Tongans.

We then moved into our first rotations these were High wire and Snowy river challenge. We saw fantastic team work at Snowy river challenge and had both teams go through the Wombat Hole.

At High wire both teams were pretty comfort and confident, so with some extra time up our sleeves we had some members try and beat some time records. With day One coming to an end both teams were showing great potential for the remainder of the activities.

We started day two with a fun game of finger fencing to get everyone pumped up for the massive day ahead. Todays activities included; Sky Bridge, Flying fox, Cave, Giant Swing and of course our monster course on the afternoon. You all thoroughly enjoyed the fox and we had some amazing displays of resilience on the Sky Bridge, special mention to Mason and Shelby who didn’t give up on the bridge and persisted to the end! Again on the bridge we had some keen people wanting to break some records. Jayden and Blake both wanted to get the fastest time crossing the bridge, in the end it was blake who was the fastest crossing the bridge in 36.62seconds.

After a quick break we jumped straight into our next activities, being Cave and Giant swing. Everyone was having a great time at the swing with everyone going to green! Over at the cave people were facing a different kind of fear trying to navigate in the dark, which was amazing!

Now that activities were done for the day, it was finally time for the Monster Course! You were all super keen and excited to see what it was like. You were all giving the course your all and really pulling together as a tribe during each of the obstacles. It did come as a shock that after your first lap we gathered you together and told you we would be running it again to determine which tribe could most improve their time. It was great to see both tribes banding together to improve their times and really better themselves. After the hard work was done it was time to relax and chill out, and what better way then the water slide and a swim in the lake.

Hope you all had a great time. See you next year!


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