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Labertouche Primary School Year 3 - 6 Camp Blog

On Thursday the 18th of May, the Summit welcomed the year 3-6 legends from Labertouche Primary School to camp!

Campers got straight into the action by meeting their leaders Sonic and Sunny, then learning about the Five Keys of camp, which they discovered were five ingredients to the most awesome camp experience ever. These keys were:

  1. Have Fun

  2. Play All In

  3. Make Lots of Mistakes

  4. Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

  5. Don’t Go Home Wondering What If

Campers started with channeling some creativity to come up with a team name. Group one became known as The Gladiator Goats and group two became known as Thunder Cheese. Epic.

The Gladiator Goats started with the Tribe Identity activity, where they came together as a team to solve an initiative challenge where they practiced some values that would come in very handy over the next day and a half! Then they united to create an awesome team flag that they would proudly wave all over camp.

Meanwhile, Thunder Cheese were navigating their way through the darkness in the Cave activity. This was a tunnel with absolutely no light that campers were challenged to make their way through only guided not by torches but by following their right hand on the right wall.

Once complete, teams then swapped activities and the Gladiator Goats got to show their courage in the Cave and Thunder Cheese proved they also had mega artistic talent when they did Tribe Identity.

Then it was time for some lunchtime burgers from The Summit drive through! Delicious.

Fueled up and ready to go, teams went head to head on the Highwire challenge, where campers scaled tall trees, walked across the wire, met halfway and played a game of Rock Paper Scissors! Team mates from Labertouche Primary School showed how much courage they had as they were kicking goals left, right and center.

Then it was time to compete in the famous mud run Monster Course. With some light showers throughout the day, the course lived up to its name with plenty of mud! The course was an ginormous challenge of teamwork, communication and resilience, especially when campers found out that they were running the entire course a second time! You read that right! Here at The Summit we’re all about unleashing greatness and whilst it was impressive to smash out one lap of the course , teammates banded together as team “Goats Cheese” to absolutely destroy a second lap. All together teams achieved what seemed impossible when they improved on their first lap by five whole minutes!

Day two started with reading out and acknowledging some great moments of camp, then talking about how we can turn up to and ways we can show gratitude. Then we began our final two activities! The Thunder Cheeses started with literally bouncing off the walls in the Inflatable City, competing in human Foosball Land, the adrenaline rush!

The Gladiator Goats were once again showing us their strength and bravery by leaping off ladders in the Leap of Faith!

After teams had conquered both activities, each camper got to vote for someone in their team who they thought was the true MVP and someone who had really embraced the Five Keys of camp. As a special congratulations to the nominated legends Hudson and Abbey, they got a lap in The Summit’s very own WW2 army tank!

On behalf of the Summit, we’d love to say a huge thank you to the students and staff of Labertouche Primary school for an action packed, fun filled and amazing camp! Best of luck for the rest of ‘23!

From Sonic and Sunny!


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