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It has been a great three days with the students and teachers from Lakeside College for their camp experience. After arriving on the first day, each tribe broke off to start an initiative followed by coming up with their tribe's name. Mitchell’s, Royal Bloods and Leap Frogs were the names each came up with.

Flying Fox was a great thrill for the first day, flying through the air over the lake for most people. While Laser Skirmish was all about the fun of being outside and getting the inner army person on. Snake and Nails was a great challenge to the mind to overcome fears.

Tash’s Ladder saw you climb up the ladder to a height of twelve meters to then release your hands and balance at the top. The Photo Scavenger Hunt had you racing all over the camp to find and perform tasks to gain points. The results of the hunt are Royal Bloods had 460 points, Mitchells had 700 points and winning were Leap Frogs with 720 points. Snowy River Challenge was the first of the tribe vs tribe challenges. The results from the Snowy were Royal Bloods with a time of 51.22, Leap Frogs had a time of 36.49 and winning were The Mitchells with a time of 27.07. The Monster Course was how we finished the second day. The times for the course were Royal Bloods with a time of 38.37, Leap Frogs had a time of 34.37 and winning were Mitchells with a time of 34.16.

Day three was the last of the activities with the Bush Challenge being the last of the tribe challenges. The results for the Bush were Leap Frogs with a time of 19.45, Royal Bloods with a time of 18.57 and winning were the Mitchells with a time of 18.44. Orienteering had everyone competing within their own tribes to find markers and letters around the camp to then solve riddles and wordles when you came back. The last of the activities were a lot of people's favourite activity at camp, the Giant Swing. Swinging from a height of 22.5 meters and having your tribe member help you get to your desired height was a rush. At the end of camp, you voted for a member in your tribe that used and demonstrated the Five Keys the best. Congratulations to Ella. B, Milad and Nyak for being those members and for being rewarded with the hot lap in the army tank.

Thank you again to everyone who came to the summit for your camp. We look forward to seeing you back soon.

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