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Langwarrin Park Primary School Blog

It has been our pleasure having the students, teachers and parent helpers from Langwarrin Park P.S. for the last three days at The Summit for their grade six camp. The energy was high from the minute they got off the bus and found their cabins. After the formal introductions, it was time to get out in the park and start the activities, not before doing a group initiative and coming up with tribe names. The flags you designed looked amazing!



Bananas in Pajamas


Bob the Builders

The Teletubbies

Sour Patch Turbines

Every day was action-packed and as such the coaches did not always get to see each tribe, so having so many amazing G.M.I.C’s being read out meant that we all got a great picture of how the camp was going for you.

Here are the results from the tribe challenges held throughout camp.

Snowy River Challenge:

Bazingas 40.03

Sour Patch Turbines 36.20

Bob the Builders 32.45

Telletubbies 29.34 BushWhackers 26.23

Bananas in Pajamas 18.27

Donuts 17.43 - Winner!

Bush Challenge:

Sour Patch Turbines 47.02

Teletubbies 42.28

Bazingas 41.51

Bananas in Pajamas 41.36

Bushwhackers 37.35

Donuts 35.00

Bob The Builders 34.00 - Winner!

Photo Scavenger Hunt:

Teletubbies 350 points

Donuts 350 points

Bushwhackers 420 points

Bazingas 430 points

Sour Patch Turbines 560 points

Bananas in Pajamas 610 points

Bob the Builders on 620 points - Winner!

Monster Course:

Bananas in Pajamas improved by 33 seconds

Donuts improved by 2.10

Bob the Builder improved by 3.33

Bazingas improved by 6.15

Teletubbies improved by 7.00

Bushwhackers improved by 8.14

Winning with an improvement of 10.06 was Sour Patch Turbines

At the end of camp, you all voted for the person in your tribes who lived by the Five Keys of camp. Have Fun, Play All In, Make Lots of Mistakes, Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable and Don't Go Home Wondering What If? The winners were rewarded with a ride in The Summit army tank.

Well done again to Chloe, Josh, Luke, Hailey, Makaila, Ace and Jake.

Thank you again to all the students and teachers who came to The Summit from Langwarrin Park Primary School. We can not wait to see you back again in the near future.


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