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Langwarrin Park PS Year 6 Camp Blog

The Summit recently had the pleasure of having Langwarrin Park Primary School over for a three-day visit where they did some activities, initiatives, and of course games, throughout all pushing their boundaries, and learning how much they're really capable of.

Day one started with meeting The Summit team which included Timmy, Sam, Sunny, Sara, and Jakob, and also discovering the Five Keys (Have Fun, Play All In, Make Mistakes, Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable and Don’t Go Home Wondering What If)and playing a group game of 50 up. Next was learning the safety of helmets and harnesses and the goal-setting strategy of Target, Stretch, and Super Stretch. After that were some initiatives and then their first rotation of activities. Afterwards was Tribe Identity where they created their team flags and team chants for a later presentation. Then it was some free time before dinner and evening activities of trivia and a night walk.

Day two had a bit more going on, starting with a morning discussion; talking about Intentions and the importance of setting them at the start of the day to set yourself up for success, before playing a group game of Jockeys, then jumping straight into three rotations then lunch, then Tribe Challenge, and then the Monster Course. While some groups reached new heights on the Abseiling during the activities, other groups discovered how it feels to walk on nails and maybe touch a snake! Others zipped across the lake on the Flying Fox and maybe even pushed their teamwork to a new best in the Bush Challenge while others defied gravity on the Rock Wall. After the activities and after lunch, The Summit had lost some of their Magical Creatures and the task was given to the students in their activity groups, in their tribes, to find these creatures and bring them back to Timmy (who had assigned them this mission). All the groups put up an amazing performance in retrieving many creatures, including a super rare one which we were glad to have retrieved. After this achievement of teamwork and seeing everyone get together, it was time to start the mud run, the Monster Course, the Tough Mudder. Known by many names by the group, they were all keen to get super muddy and put in all the effort, which they did, after which we told them that they were doing it a second time and everyone took that challenge on like it was nothing. An awesome display of resilience and perseverance. After the mud run, the groups had their well-deserved showers and dinner, leading into their final evening activity of watching a movie.

Day three was a bit less jam-packed with a bit more play, beginning with a session of gratitude and learning a story from Sunny about how powerful gratitude can be, before playing another group game of Repeating After Timmy to set ourselves up for the final rotation of camp. This was when the groups completed the one activity that they had not yet done and also voted for their Values winner. After a quick snack break, we had our presentations of our tribe flags and chants, discovered what Sara had done to Timmy's Little Red Wagon, and witnessed the adults on camp present their rendition of I'm a Little Teapot. Then it was time for lunch and to hear our results:

The group names, from one to five, ended up being Alpha Wolves, The Last Two, Flappy Cappys, Skibiti Stars, and the Dino Nuggies.

Bush Challenge from 1st to 5th were:

  1. The Last Two   22.06

  2. Alpha Wolves   26.06

  3. Skibiti Stars     27.22

  4. Flappy Cappys 20.16

  5. Dino Nuggies   38.35

Magical Creatures from 1st to 5th were:

  1. Alpha Wolves 120

  2. Skibiti Stars    100

  3. The Last Two    80

  4. Dino Nuggies    60 

  5. Flappy Cappys  20

Monster Course improvement times were insanely impressive, with everyone achieving more than 6 minutes of improvement on their second lap, with the results as follows:

  1. Alpha Wolves 13:01

  2. Skibiti Stars    12:50

  3. Dino Nuggies   9:56

  4. The Last Two   9:48

  5. Flappy Cappys 6:14

After all the Thank You's and results were shared, we let the teams know who the Values winners were, Lilly and Ruby, Isla, Livia, Charlotte, and Tyler, and these individuals got to finish camp with a ride in The Summit's World War 2 army tank while everyone else got to see it go over the car! But then it was time to say goodbye, involving a bus wave-off by the coaches at the front gate, it was The Summit's pleasure to have the staff and students of Langwarrin Park Primary School over, and we know when you guys come back it will be another epic experience.

Thanks for coming.


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