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Langwarrin Primary School Year 6 Camp Blog

On Wednesday the 17th of May, the year 6s of Langwarrin Primary School attend camp at The Summit. It was such an incredible and fun experience. We saw so many people go outside of their comfort zones, face their fears, and ultimately, they found out what they are truly capable of.

Camp began in The Lodge where the campers and teachers were introduced to some of The Summit coaches, Ella, Spinks (Sonic), Sarah, Yves, Mim, and Sam! Ella introduced to the students The Summits Five Keys:

1. Have Fun

2. Play All In

3. Make Lots of Mistakes

4. Get Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable

5. Don’t Go Home Wondering What if

These keys are so valuable to having a wicked camp, but also to creating a wicked life! And the Langwarrin crew truly took these keys on board.

From here the Langwarrin students proved to us they were ready to have fun and play all in, by playing a game of 50 Up! After this, we broke off into our 6 groups and this is when we created our awesome team names:

1. Monkey Slayers

2. Demon Bandits

3. The Summit Monkeys

4. Peanut Pirates

5. The Fearless Monkeys

6. Bananas in Pyjamas

And our first task was to create an epic team flag and chant!

Over our time at The Summit, we did 6 awesome activities plus the monster course and lots of games!

The activities were:

The Rock Wall


The Bush Challenge

The Flying Fox

Tash's Ladder

Snake and Nails

To achieve your best during the activities, we set 3 goals:

A TARGET – something you KNOW you can do

A STRETCH – something you THINK you can do

A SUPER STRETCH – something that SEEMS impossible

You all made it super clear that reaching a super stretch IS NOT impossible, as people even went beyond their super stretch! A big super stretch for a lot of people was completing our Monster Course not only once, but twice! We had so much fun, played all in, and defiantly got comfortable being uncomfortable as we ran through mud and cold water! We also worked incredibly as a team to support each other. When we told you we were about to do it all again, there were smiles and also doubts; however, you all pushed through the challenge and showed incredible strength!

On the last day, we reflected on gratitude, by sharing with each other what we are grateful for and reading our GMICS (great moments in camp), there were so many great moments and achievements that were shared.

We got each team to vote for one person who really stood out and lived and breathed by our Five Keys. These people were nominated as our value winners and they got to go for a hot lap in our army tank!

Thank you all so much for giving your absolute best and having so much fun! We hope to see you all again and wish you the best of luck for the rest of the year and the future!


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