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Lauriston Girls School Blog

We were super privileged to have the 2023 Lauriston Year 7s at The Summit for 5 days!

This week was filled with laughter, growth, and fun. From day one we saw you all embrace our 5 Keys:

1. Have Fun

2. Play All In

3. Make Lots of Mistakes

4. Get Comfortable being Uncomfortable.

5. Don’t Go Home Wondering What if.

Which made our camp go from good to GREAT! We shortly created our epic teams which we would be in for the next 5 days:

1. No Blame no Flame

2. Golden GOATS

3. Green Gorillas

4. Red Ranga Tangs

5. Purple Potatoes

6. Greenies

7. Pink Panthers

During a very serious team chant-off – THE PURPLE POTATOES took it out and won best team flag and chant. This wasn’t the only time we saw the Lauriston crew being competitive, but multiple other times including when playing jockeys, rock paper scissors chant, gumboot bowling, GaGa Ball plus many more games! You all definitely brought the fun!

Throughout all the dance parties, karaoke, and watching Miss Spanos sing and dance, there were a lot of smiles and laughter, but we also got to see you all find what you are truly capable of. Each and every one of you got outside of your comfort zone and achieved amazing things, whether it was a target (something you know you can do), a stretch (something you think you can do), or a super stretch (something that seems IMPOSSIBLE), you all gave it your best and made sure you weren’t going home wondering what if!

Each morning we started the day by reflecting on why setting an intention/goal for the day, as well as listing what we are grateful for, is so important. Your gratitude for each other really shone as we got to read so many wonderful GMICs (great moments in camp).

We want to thank you as well for truly playing all in, it's what camp is all about! You proved to us there was no messing about during our Monster Course! You all brought an epic attitude to getting muddy and smelly, just for us to tell you, we were doing it again! The second lap was all about strength and resilience, and improving your own personal time, and that’s what you all did!

Friday quickly arrived and it was time to wave your buses goodbye (and a surprise backflip!). Thank you all so much for having all the fun and unleashing your greatness!

All the best – The Summit crew.


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