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What an incredible week we shared with the students from Lauriston, we can’t thank you all enough for making the trip down to The Summit. Over the course of a week, we saw so many students push themselves outside their comfort zone. To help the students push themselves to the max we shared 5 specific things to help.

These are called our 5 keys:

1. Have fun

2. Play all in

3. Make lots of mistakes

4. Get comfortable being uncomfortable

5. Don’t go home wondering what if

We believe if you consider one or more of our 5 keys and incorporate them into our camp or daily lives your day will be wicked. Once we shared this information with the kids it was time to hit the ground running.

We took the students down to the stage and got them into their activity groups. As the students haven’t had a lot of time to get to know one another we broke off into our activity groups and completed an initiative, this is a fantastic way to see how the students are working together and get them considering how their team is performing. After each activity, we get the year 7’s to have a debrief, that way they can talk about what went well, what they would like to improve on and most importantly what were some of their highlights from the rotation. Speaking of rotations, it was time to get the students to the first lot of activities. The students found themselves swinging on the biggest Giant Swing in Victoria, slipping, and sliding around the Laser Skirmish, running around to find all the Orienteering points, scurrying up the trees at High Wire to test their balancing skills and racing the timer at the Snowy River Challenge.

Over the 5 days, the students played many games such as Jokes, Huckle Buckle, Pirates, Heads or Tails, and Construction Crain. We even sang one of Timmy’s favourite songs, Big Star Little Star. To all the students who got comfortable being uncomfortable, we thank you, that’s what it’s all about.

As the students kept completing activities the coaches were blown away by the growth we were seeing. Many of the students set themselves clear goals, they did this by breaking the activities into three manageable chunks:

Target (something they know they can do)

Stretch (something that they think they can do)

Super stretch (something that seems impossible but on the best day could be achieved)

Well done to each one of you for pushing yourself outside of your comfort zones, we hope you all keep unleashing your greatness daily. In the mornings we got the year 7’s to set themselves an intention for the day (win the morning win the day). And considering all the things they get to be grateful for (the little things can sometimes add up to be big things) the students also wrote so many beautiful GMICs (great moments in camp) to their fellow peers.

As the days went on it was time to tackle some new activities, this time students found themselves dashing up the Rock Wall, running all over The Summit completing the Scavenger Hunt, flying over The Summit's lake on the Flying Fox, navigating through the small dark man-made Cave, completing the Relay Challenge, and leaning back

18 meters in the air on the Summit Window, talk about an adrenalin rush. You all smashed the activities out of the park. We hope you all enjoyed your time at The Summit.

Just remember your magic doesn’t happen outside your comfort zones, be brave and keep pushing yourselves.

Group names:








1. 31.20

2. 30.30 3rd

3. 33.10 2nd

4. 36.30

5. 19.50 1st


1. 24.40 2nd

2. 29.32 3rd

3. 20.29 1st

4. 49.03

5. 40.49

6. 36.50


1. 7.12

2. 6.31

3. 7.20

4. 10.20 1st

5. 9.25 2nd

6. 9.10 3rd


1. Alice

2. Cathy

3. Olivia

4. Indi

5. Emily

6. Clara

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