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Lindenow Primary School Blog

On November 10th, The Summit was lucky enough to have Lindenow Primary School come for their 3-day camp. After a long bus ride, the students were eager to get out into the park and get stuck in some activities.

Before we did this, we introduced the grade 5/6s to a few of The Summit's tips and tricks to get the most out of their time at camp. There's our Target, Stretch and Super Stretch - a simple goal setting strategy to help break down some of the activities and our 5 Keys, 1-Have Fun, 2-Play All In, 3-Make Lots of Mistakes, 4-Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable & 5-Don't go Home Wondering What If, which were what we focused on each day.

With action-packed few days planned it was time to start off our activities, with our first lot of rotations we had Abseil, Inflatables, Sky Bridge and The Snowy River Challenge. Lots of fun and great opportunities to push ourselves and really step outside our comfort zones.

Our first morning together started by setting a morning intention of what we wanted our day to look like. We then headed out into the park where we got our bodies moving by playing a group game of Huckle Buckle. It was then time to finish off our first activities and onto some new ones in the afternoon. They were Leap of Faith, Laser Skirmish, High Wire and Scavenger Hunt.

We also had our epic Monster Challenge which gave the students the opportunity to get wet, muddy and see how well they could work as a team. The students set off in teams to see who could set the quickest time around the course to then be told that the winning team wasn’t the team who ran the fastest but the team who could improve their time the most on the second lap. Well done to everyone who smashed out the Monster course.

Our final morning was upon us where we started the day altogether and shared all the things that we were grateful for in our lives, like yesterday we also got our bodies moving with a game of Jockeys before we finished off the last of our activities and had to say goodbye. :(

Thank you to everyone from Lindenow Primary School who came along for an awesome 3 days. :) :)


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