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Lowanna College Camp Blog

What a way to finish the school year than to have students and teachers from Lowanna College at The Summit for their three-day camp. As the end of the year activities week choice there were some mixed feelings of excitement, nervousness and just getting through it.

After an introduction and airport rules of The Summit, each tribe went out to work on an initiative and come up with a tribe name. Spit Eggs, I’m Hungry, Blue Pandas, Criticizing Frogs, Zinger Box, Fruitloops, and People were the names of the tribes.

Cave was all about going into the unknown and trusting the instructions you were given, Skybridge was focusing on the journey you take to get to where you want and if you fall, you get back up. Laser Skirmish was all about just having fun and strategic planning or just going crazy with your shots. Rock Wall was planning your next steps, where do I need to go to get to the next hand hold or platform? Highwire was all about the physical and emotional support to be brave enough to climb and then walk out to a waiting friend to then be lowered down by the supportive tribe mates. Leap of Faith was taking a controlled risk and jumping for what you wanted and pushing yourself outside that comfort zone.

Snowy was the first of the tribe vs. tribe challenges. Here are the results for both Snowy and Monster.

Snowy River Challenge:

Blue Pandas got a time of 36.29

Spit Eggs got 28.53

People got a time of 27.22

Fruit Loops got a time of 24.23

Criticizing Frogs got 24.08

Zinger Box got 20.39

I’m Hungry with a time of 18.47 WINNER!

Monster Course improvement times:

I’m Hungry 1.03

Blue Panda 3.53

Criticizing Frogs 5.19

People 5.48

Spit Eggs 7.48

Zinger Loops (hybrid team)8.17 WINNER!

At the end of camp, each tribe voted for a person who lived by The Summit Five Keys. These people were rewarded with a ride in The Summit's army tank. Congratulations to Jake, Mckenzie, Ella, Sam S, Archie, Willow, and Noah P.

Thank you for a great camp and we can not wait to see you back at The Summit real soon.


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