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It has been a pleasure to have the year 12’s and teachers from Lyndale S.C for the past 3 days for their camp. After a quick initiative, it was time to come up with tribe names. They came up with Invincibles, Quinn’s Quality Kids, Big Brains, Alpha and Dare Devils.

Every tribe tackled the Rock Wall with some really amazing efforts not only to get to the top of the desired wall but also just having a go was great to see. The Laser Skirmish was the real battle, strategies were sometimes used but all in all, it was just fun being an army person. Flying Fox had everyone soaring across the sky over the lake and through trees. There were so many happy faces when they came into the catching end of the fox. Giant Swing was a total thrill for so many, some people laughed, some screamed with joy and some screamed with terror, but all in all, it was so many students' favourite activity. Snowy River was the first of the tribe challenges. Here is the result for Snowy River: Quinn Quality kids took 30.45, Dare Devils took 25.30, Invincibles finished at 21.15, Big Brains 17.30 and winning was Alpha who took 15.21 with the inclusion of your teachers falling into the water. Well done.

Summit Window was the highest of the activities, seeing each person reach the top of the big tower then brave the total height of 23metres to lean back and trust the rope. Tash’s Ladder was similar to the Summit window except leaning forward and not so high up. Cave was the challenge of the mind, making your way through the dark to the unknown bunker room on your own journey. High Wire was incredible, seeing students get onto the wire and laid down even going as far as to take your hands off and really support each other on the belay system. Scavenger Hunt saw the second of the tribe challenges with Big Brains gaining 430 points, Quinn’s Quality Kids gaining 560 points, and winning was Invincibles who gained 750 points.

The Monster Course was the most epic challenge everyone faced. The resilience shown was incredible. Here is the result from the course: 2.02 improvement by Alpha, 4.20 improvement by Quinn’s Quality Kids, 7.49 improvement by Invincibles, 11.02 improvement by Bi Brains, and winning with an improvement of 11.22 was Dare Devils.

At the end of camp, each tribe voted for the member of their tribe who shown and lived by the Five Keys; Have Fun, Play All In, Make Lots of Mistakes, Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable and Not Leaving Camp Wondering What If. Congratulations to Mya, Jada, Sonja, Mary, and Will, all of you were deserving winners.

Good Luck for the remainder of the year and thank you once again for coming to The Summit for your camp.


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