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Lyndale Secondary College Camp Blog

This week, we had the pleasure of having the students and teachers from Lyndale S.C. at The Summit for their three-day camp. As it was the last week of their school year, there were mixed feelings about being on camp and wanting to start holidays. After the introductions were over, each tribe came up with their tribe name for the remainder of camp. Ten Wise Cousins, Top Shoters, Coconuts, How About, Team Strive, and Ninja Warriors were the tribe names.

Each tribe over the next two days would tackle and challenge themselves through 6 activities, each time learning a little more about themselves and how to better improve for next time. The activities everyone did were Summit Window, Laser Skirmish, Rock Wall, Cave, Tash’s Ladder, and Bush Challenge


Here are the results of the tribes' challenges:

Photo Scavenger Hunt Top Shoters 300 points, Coconuts 340 points.

Bush Challenge:- Team Strive 37.50, Ninja Warriors 32.07, Coconuts 30.29, How About 26.56, Ten Wise Cousins 25.43 and winning with a time of 24.16 were Top Shoters.

Monster Course:- Team Strive improved their time by 4.26, How About improved by 8.34, Coconuts improved by 9.01, Ninja Warriors improved by 11.06, Ten Wise Cousins improved by 12.55, and winning were Top Shoters who improved by 16.18. Well done.

At the end of camp, each tribe voted for someone who lived by The Summit Five Keys. these individuals were rewarded with a hot lap in the Summit Army Tank. Congratulations to Edward, Indi, Abdussamad, Mursal/Faraz, Muki, and Annie. Well done everyone.

Thank you again to all students and teachers from Lyndale S.C. we can not wait to see you back here next year.


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