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Maribyrnong College Blog

On Wednesday, The Summit was blessed with an incredible bunch of year 10 students who made their way down from Maribyrnong. Mason and Ash just want to say a big thank you to every single student who attended camp, getting to know you over the three days was a blessing. Your determination and leadership skills were outstanding. From the very beginning, we just knew a wicked time was yet to be had. To every single one of you, thank you for the following.

1. Having fun

2. Playing all in

3. Making lots of mistakes

4. Get comfortable being uncomfortable

5. Don’t go home wondering what if

It was evident that you all took these keys on board because all of you played to such a remarkable level and gave every activity your absolute best. To see such beautiful young students with incredible goal-setting skills was world-class. On many occasions, the students pushed themselves above and beyond their limits. From the beginning, the students were put in situations where they had to think on their feet and test how good their team-building skills were. The two teams found themselves racing against the clock to complete many obstacles and challenges. It all started at the Spiders web and treasure, what an epic way to get the ball rolling. Congratulations to The Bloods for taking home the gold in the first challenge, however, the Black in Blacks never held their heads low. Well done for playing just as hard! Due to the HOT weather, it resulted in an epic water fight to cool us down, what a way to freshen up before activities.

Over the course of the camp, the Bloods and the Back in Blacks completed a heap of activities. Each activity is designed in a way to make the participants embrace the Un comfortability or just embrace all the fun. For the first afternoon, the students completed two rotations of activities that included running around the Laser field dodging hits, climbing, and practicing our balancing skills on the High Wire (whilst catching tennis balls). It was so awesome seeing you all crush your goals and encourage each other on these activities.

Over the journey, we heard the students sharing their 3 H’s (hardship, highlight and hero) what an incredible and venerable space to share such heart things. The way you all shared and respected one another’s space was like nothing we’ve seen before. What a truly incredible experience.

As another day approaches, we hit the ground running with many more activities to be complete, and the epic Mud Run in the afternoon. The year 10’s found themselves once again putting their comfort zones to the test, as they were leaping 12 meters in the air and hanging upside-down on the Leap of Faith, navigating through our small dark man-made cave, racing the stopwatch, and using their teamwork skills to complete the Snowy River Challenge and lastly swinging 26 meters on the biggest swing in Victoria. What a way to expand those comfort zones. Every single one of you crushed all the activities and should be immensely proud of yourselves.

Before we knew it, it was time to tackle the mud run, not only did we complete the course ONCE but ……. TWICE. Who’d have thought that we would do it twice? Outstanding leadership skills for every single one of use for playing all in and leaving nothing in the tank. That’s what the mud run is all about, unleashing your greatness and knowing/deciding who you want to be and how you want to show up when things get hard. So again, well done to those who brought a wicked GO GETT’EM attitude. You all smashed it! We hope you enjoyed your warm showers, spaghetti, and garlic bread. You deserved it.

To finish our last day of camp off we still had two lots of activities to go, The Bush Challenge and the Summit Window which tested the students' trust skills. As the students were clipped 18 meters in the air they had to lean back and let go of the ladder, enabling them to trust the process and let go with two hands and one leg out in front of themselves. On so many occasions we saw students crush activities and complete things they didn’t think they were capable of doing. We cannot thank you enough for embarking on this journey with us at The Summit and pushing outside your comfort zones, you are all such inspiring young humans, we just want to wish you all the absolute best for the years ahead.

You truly lit up our hearts and reminded us why we do what we do daily. Wishing you all the very best for the year ahead. You’ll all crush whatever you do.

And just remember to keep having all the fun and pushing beyond your limits, because the magic doesn’t happen inside your comfort zone. It's when you take risks that you’ll start to grow. Be brave and stay humble.

All the love and mad respect from The Summit family Ash and Mason J


Mia Bass and Tay from the Bloods and from the Black in Black we had Holly and Ermi. You legends crushed it out there. Epic efforts all round!

Also, a huge congratulations to The Bloods for cleaning up the scoreboard with incredible points behind them. Don’t forget to play hard and give everything your best.


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