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Maribyrnong College Year 10 Camp Blog

On the 22nd of February, an epic group of year 10’s from Maribyrnong College arrived at The Summit, 25 eager students and 4 legendary teachers. Unsure about what was coming you all went straight to the accommodation to get settled in. Next came meeting the coaches Logan and Spinks who couldn’t wait to take you through our camp experience. Introducing you all to The Summit started with a welcome video and a walk through our Five Keys: Have Fun, Play All In, Make Lots of Mistakes, Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable, and Don’t Go Home Wondering What If. With no further to do, we made our way into the park and separated into our 2 teams, Grinchers, and Minions. Our first activity was testing the natural sporty competitive attitude of the 2 teams with a game of 50 Up. What a start to camp, not only keeping the volleyball up 50 times but over 100! Then we got stuck into the rest of the day. Our first day included 2 activities, Sky Bridge and Highwire. The 2 teams showed up with courage, support for their team, and playful energy. It was truly an incredible first day that would carry on for the next couple of days. Dinner on day 1 was some delicious chicken schnitzels and potatoes with salad.

Thursday started off with breakfast, a selection of toast or cereal followed by a morning intentions session with Logan before continuing the rest of the day. Our intentions session covered asking ourselves who we wanted to be for the day and making a deliberate choice (supportive, brave, kind, competitive, etc). What a huge day we had planned for day 2. Starting off the morning with 4 epic activities, Leap of Faith, Scavenger Hunt, Snake and Nails, and the Snowy River Challenge. What a start to the 2nd day of camp! Leap of Faith, testing each of you on letting go of what was holding you back and embracing the challenge, trusting in yourself to take the leap. Scavenger Hunt, unleashing your competitiveness between the 2 teams to see who could complete varied challenges as a whole unit in the given time. Snake and Nails, walking over hundreds of nails with bare feet right before coming face to face with one of the world's most feared animals, Mitch the coastal carpet python. Snowy River challenge, the ultimate test of teamwork and support involving a race through 5 obstacles as fast as possible to beat the opposing team's time. All 25 students absolutely crushed each challenge put in front of them and it was a sight to see. To conclude what was already an epic day you all participated in the Monster Course! Running through a mud run obstacle course linked with the team to achieve not only the best time but also a closer connection to your fellow peers and teammates. After the first lap we followed it up with a surprise, we told you we were going to do it twice! This time, your 2 teams joined forces. The ultimate test of resilience, perseverance, and determination. Every one of you students and teachers pushed through the second lap and it was clearly achieved through the support and encouragement you showed for everyone in the group. To wrap up an action-packed day, wash off all the smelly mud, cool off, and finish off the day with nothing but fun, we all went on the water slide. Dinner on day 2 was a plate of well-earned delicious pasta and salad!

Friday began with some breakfast followed by a gratitude session with Logan. Our gratitude session encouraged us to reflect on the things that we have in our lives. To appreciate the little things, “gratitude affects your attitude and in turn, affects your altitude”. Next, we got straight into our last 2 activities for camp, Giant Swing and Laser Tag. What an epic combo to finish off an incredible camp, adrenaline, and fun! Last but not least each team voted for 2 people in the group, 1 person who was the hero and 1 person who was the heart. Your hero was the person in your group who best demonstrated our Five Keys throughout the 3 days and your heart was the person who showed the most courage and bravery. Finally, we all got to witness the tank crush a car! However, it was none other than your heroes and hearts from the Grinchers team Furj and Ryan, and from the Minions team Jacinta and Enrico who all got to have a hot lap on the inside of the tank as it got to work.

What an epic way to spend three days! Logan and Spinks had a blast and we thank you for joining us on such an epic journey, you’re all such awesome people!

Keep unleashing your greatness!


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