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Marnebek School Cranbourne Camp Blog

On Monday the 14th of November we welcomed Marnebek School Cranbourne. Thank you for making your way down to The Summit. After everyone was settled in and had some lunch we met up in the Blue Tent to learn about how The Summit camp works, and a few handy skills that could help our camp experience go from awesome to epic.

The first thing was The Summit's Five Keys:

  1. Have Fun

  2. Play All In

  3. Make Lots of Mistakes

  4. Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

  5. Don’t Go Home Wondering What If

Followed by our goal-setting strategies:

  1. Target

  2. Stretch

  3. Super Stretch

Well done to everyone who put them to good use on day one. To start camp off we headed over to the Laser Tag field and split into two teams- blue and red. Congratulations to BLUE Team for taking out first place. And a shoutout to Lachy for doing the best slip and slide. Also, Liam for playing all in out there. After creating the team name Skittles, it was time for some afternoon tea before heading over to the Flying Fox. For some, this was very far outside their comfort zones. A huge congratulations to Shannon for trying her very best and reaching her super stretch and Alicia for conquering her fears and flying across, it was also awesome to see Kayden out and about giving the fox a go. You all crushed it out there. That’s what it’s all about, playing all in and doing your very best. As the afternoon came to a close it was time for warm clothes, showers, dinner, and some Trivia. Fair to say everyone was pretty tired.

To start our morning, we set ourselves a morning intention. A few of our goals were

  1. Do our best

  2. Give everything a go

  3. Support our teammates

Just remember the clearer you are when setting your goals, you’ll be more likely to crush them. Now that we had some direction for our day it was time to get our bodies moving, we did this by playing a game of Pirates. Shout out to Callum and Kate for playing all in. Welcome aboard. Now it was time for the Bush Challenge. Incredible leadership was shown by Sharnie. Kitty took a slip and slid down the muddy wall, Kate twerked her way across the wobbling wolly, whilst the crew laughed. And lastly, Anthia and Callum also got into the fun. Well done completing the course in a lightning-speed time of 25 minutes and 55 seconds!!!!! After some morning snack, it was time to hit up the Inflatable World- the students found themselves versing one another in Foosball. Purple came out of nowhere to take out the win. And then we raced on the inflate city castle. From there, our bodies were warmed up so it was time to climb up Tash’s Ladder. To everyone who got outside their comfort zones, you should be very proud of yourselves. A special shout-out to Vajice for conquering her fears and reaching her super stretch along with Liam and Ashton.

Before long, time had passed and it was lunchtime.

After lunch, the students got changed into their muddy clothes ready for the Monster Course. Before that however they still had one more activity, that being the Scavenger Hunt. Tildy took charge with the clipboard and the team quickly gathered up 360 points. The lesson from this activity is you can have fun regardless of the task at hand. Well done to everyone who helped get all the points. And now the thing the students had been waiting for…. The Monster Course (mud run) Not only did the students get comfortable being uncomfortable they truly played all in. They ran the course not once but twice. Thank you to the cheer squad of Shannon and Nat who stayed with us both laps. We loved seeing you bop away to the tunes. And to Kitty, you really stepped outside of your comfort zone and got so muddy. Liam was always the first to lend a hand and be an encouraging voice, and Nelson was always there ready to help when needed. Again, incredible efforts all around. We improved our second lap by 5 minutes and 40 seconds. That’s INSANE!!!! Just remember when you feel like you have nothing more to give, you can always give a tiny bit more. As the afternoon came to a close it was time for a quick dip down the waterside, dinner, a movie, and bed.

As the next morning rolled around, we started it by getting ourselves a bit more awake, we headed down to the Snake and Nails room. A huge shoutout to Callum and Vajice for patting Mitch even if you were scared. You were so brave. And awesome efforts to Penny for walking her way along the nail board. So, so, so BRAVE. It was then time to complete the last activity at The Summit, rock climbing. It was the day of no regrets. It was awesome to see the following people really play and in.

1. Vajice

2. Lachy

3. Nelson

Even though you lot were tired you still gave everything your very best, and that’s what it’s all about.

The Summit team with you all the very best for the rest of year 12. Keep being awesome.

Values winners:

  1. Nelson

  2. Tildy

  3. Ashton

Thank you for all the laughs and memories.


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