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Melton West Primary School Blog

On the 13th of December, we welcomed grades 5/6’s from Melton West. Thank you to everyone who made the track down. To start the camp off, the students settled into their accommodations and had some lunch. Once the students had finished their lunch it was time to start having all the fun. We welcomed all the kids into the Lodge where we presented them with our Five Keys.

These keys are as follows:

1. Have Fun

2. Play All In

3. Make Lots of Mistakes

4. Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

5. Don't Go Home Wondering What-If

Here at The Summit, we strongly believe that if you can adopt one or more of these keys into your daily tasks or activities here at camp, we guarantee you're going to have a wicked outcome. Just remember your comfort zone doesn't grow if you play it safe. Well done to everybody who isn't going home wondering what if.

Over the three days, every student pushed themselves whether it was physically or mentally. For example, the students found themselves navigating through small spaces in our Cave, running and sliding out on the Laser field, working together as a team to complete all the obstacles at The Bush Challenge, having the time of their lives in Inflatable World, flying over the lake on the Flying Fox, and completing the Rock Wall (both easy and hard side)

As the days progress it was incredible to see the growth and development of every student. The students found themselves setting their target, stretch and super stretch which helped them achieve the goals they had set for each activity. We use this method with all our clients at The Summit. It's a way to break things down into manageable chunks so they don’t appear so overwhelming.

Throughout the camp, grades 5/6s played multiple games with the coaching team. The students played Fifty Up with Jumping Jilly, Pirates and Huckle Buckle. It was awesome to see so many kids get involved in all the games, we thank you for playing all in and having all the fun.

To end the second afternoon of camp the grade 5/6s got wet, dirty, and muddy. That’s right, it was time for the Monster Course. The students broke up into groups where they ran the monster course not once but twice. The Monster Course involved running, getting wet, dirty, muddy, climbing, and most importantly working together as a team. This course is all about resilience, working together and not giving up when you feel like you have nothing left in the tank. Each team is timed for their race. As they run into the finish line, they are then told they're going to run the course again. It was incredible to see so many smiling faces when they got told they were doing it for a second time. It was nice to see all the teams come together and strategize how they were going to improve on their second lap. anybody can run the course on a good day, but it's how you show up when you are tired that matters most. Because remember, we are all about getting comfortable being uncomfortable. Well done to every team who improved on the second lap!

Every morning whilst the students were at The Summit, we got them to consider what they were grateful for and an intention they could set to help ensure they had an awesome day. It’s important to have clear goals set for each day, that way you have something to focus on and when it’s completed you have a sense of accomplishment. The tasks don’t have to be BIG or small, just consistent for every day. To all the students who shared their intentions and the things that they were profoundly grateful for we thank you for being brave and sharing.

After every activity, the students had a debrief. The debriefs covered many topics such as who was playing all in, how the team was working together, what the team could improve on for the other activities to come or what the team enjoyed. In the final debrief before heading home the students were asked to vote for one person in their team who they felt deserved to be recognized for their outstanding efforts. The vote is based on our Five Keys.


1. Darko

2. Frank

3. Peter

4. Andrea

5. Daydong

6. Wasali

7. Alisha



2. THE BOY’S: 5.06


4. KOOL KIDZZ: 9.16

5. RUGRATS: 12.48 (2ND PLACE)


7. G NATION: 12.40 (3RD PLACE)


1. 48.38

2. 34.42 (3RD PLACE)

3. 33.16 (2ND PLACE)

4. 29.32 (1ST PLACE)

5. 31.06

6. 48.28

7. 46.41

On behalf of The Summit Team, we just want to wish you all the best in 2022, keep safe!


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