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Wednesday we welcomed the beautiful and magnificent girls from the year 7 cohort of Mercy College to The Summit. An adventure park built to test your limits, stretch you outside your comfort zone, and truly unleash your personal potential.

We started camp together in the lodge and shared with you five valuable things we have learned to make camp great and every day of your lives. Throughout your first two activities we could already see you truly taking them on board and trying your best to; Have Fun, Play All In, Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable, Make Lots of Mistakes and Not Go Home Wondering What If!

A couple of our highlights from day one included the teamwork shown at Bush Challenge particularly in the Foam Pit from the groups, Hungry Caterpillar and Myficals. With a special shoutout to Isabella, for her strength and determination to get the whole group out before herself and Sam, for being considerate of all team members helping teammates get both in and out of the pit.

Results from Bush Challenge for all groups are as follows;

Mercy Shaws 49mins 49sec

Sheesh 43mins 42sec

Boss Ladies 36mins

Hungry Catapillar 27mins 58sec

Myficals 39mins 15sec

By dinner time there were heaps of great moments, we laughed, shared, and congratulated each other's achievements. After you were all fed and full of delicious food you headed out on a star and torch-lit bushwalk, looking out for the notorious and never yet seen drop bears. A big thank you to the teachers for organizing such a great fire afterward and the wholesome singalongs that assisted in making the night so enjoyable for you all.

Day 2 kicked off with setting a morning intention and clearly deciding how we wanted to show up to the activities. Some people wanted to go to the highest level on the Giant Swing, others wanted to be an encouraging teammate and some just wanted to participate in everything and really try their best. As the day continued we saw you pushing out of your comfort zones even further than the day before whether you were flying through the sky, crawling through the dark, scaling through the trees, or jumping backward off a tower.

Then the muddy run began, with the loudest cheering teams starting first! Off you all went with big smiles on your faces, determined to be the best and conquer every obstacle that came your way. There were buckets with holes, balls dodged and thrown, a monster that ate frisbees, and a cargo net through the water that was oh so long. Mud with barbed wire, tyres on sleds, and a group of new friends, some would say teammates stretched out a hand to hand. The race was tough and you gave it your all but then we broke to you the news...that 1 lap wasn't all.

Young women are resilient, brave, and determined...Capable, encouraging, and stronger than imagined. And to make sure you knew this was all very true, we got pumped up and ready for an epic lap 2! This is when you showed us true resilience and character and unsurprising to us, you ran a lot faster. With all of you improving by at least 15mins we couldn't be prouder of your personal and group achievements. Remember that time doesn't mean much but always think about this moment when you came together and brought each other up.

The group improvement times are as follows;

Mercy shaws 22mins 20sec

Sheesh 13mins 03sec

Boss ladies 15mins 41sec

Hungry Catapillar 15mins 30sec

Myficals 20mins

All in all, the camp was a truly wonderful experience with you all and we hope you learned as much from us as we learned from you. May you continue to keep pushing your comfort zone and showing yourself and the world what you are truly capable of! An extra congratulations again to our Values winners from each group; Zee, Angela, Deana, Isabella, and Mariana! Sending you all lots of laughs and a friendly reminder YOU ARE AWESOME...

Your Summit coaches Mia, Soph, Steph, Cam, Logan, Timmy, and Jackie.


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