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On Wednesday, the 4th of May Mercy College year 7’s came through the gates for school camp. We were so excited to get started.

Hoping off the buses they got to go inside and find out what friends they were sharing a cabin with, they headed up and got unpacked and ready for their first two activities of the camp in their activity groups: The Lucky Dozen, Undefeated Power Rangers, Baddy M&M’s, and Four for Life.

They headed down into the park and got started with their first activities, Leap of Faith, Cave, Giant Swing and Bush Challenge.

The Results for the Bush Challenge were: The Lucky Dozen 55:29, Undefeated Power Rangers 50:49, Bady M&M’s 31:10 and Four for Life 43:57. At the end of day one, they all came back inside for a delicious dinner and a movie.

Day two started off frosty but the weather turned around and gave us a beautiful warm late morning and the rest of the day. The group got started with their first three activities before lunch and then a new set of activities after Abseil, Snake and Nails, Flying Fox, and Inflatables. After that, the groups got ready for the Monster Course. The improvement times from the Monster Course were the Lucky Dozen 8:53, Undefeated Power Rangers 9:20, Baddy M&M’s 10:11, and Four for Life 13:32. Well done Four for Life!

After the course, everyone got the opportunity to go throw the mud mounds and then go down the drop slide if they chose to. The Team then had a great dinner and after hoped in their groups to try to win the trivia night!

The next morning, we had one last rotation then lunch, all the awards and thank yous.

The Value Winners were Samara, Emily, Zeyneb, and Eleni well done all!!!

Everyone hopped on the bus, and we said our last goodbyes to The Summit.

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