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What a way to start 2021, with the students and teachers from Mount Alexander College (MAC) bracing us with their presence for the first camp of the year. The energy was electric as everyone was glad to be at camp and not at home or school.

The first thing that needed to be done was to form a tribe identity and name. With only 2 days of knowing some people, it was amazing to see everyone embrace this and really come together. Potato Tribe, Free Real Estate, Big Family Tree, Bravo, CCI, Winning Wolves, Big Nerds, The Best, and Daymo were the tribe names.

Throughout camp, there were many tribe challenges. Here are the results from each challenge.

Snowy River Challenge: Daymo came in third with a time of 32.14, second went to Bravo in a time of 31.42 and winning was CCI who completed the course in a time of 29.36. Well done CCI for a great effort.

The Monster Course was a true demonstration of resilience when facing a second lap. Results were as follows: Winning Wolves improved by 13.51 to come in third, the best improved by 18.46 to take second but winning the monster course was Big Family Tree who improved by 22.00. What a spectacular effort from everyone but especially our top three tribes.

At the end of camp, each tribe voted for someone in their tribe who lived by The Summit's “5 keys”. The person who got the most votes would be rewarded with a ride in The Summit's Army Tank. Well done Ivy, Kate, Monumad, Mariama, Carla, Harvey V, Asher, Raph, and Jack D who were each tribe's Values winners.

Thank you again to everyone who came to The Summit from MAC. We all look forward to seeing you back in the near future.


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