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Mount Lilydale Mercy College Camp 2 Blog

It has been an absolute pleasure to work with the students and teachers from Mt Lilydale for their camps this week. After the changeover of students and some teachers, it was straight back into the fun and excitement for camp two.

After a great feed and settling into camp, everyone got into their tribe groups and began their initiatives and rotations. The tribes' names were great, now known as:

Cool Kids Club



The Winners,


Legless Fish

Dunny Rolls


Rohans Fanclub

Marco’s Army.

With ten rotations and one epic Night Monster (Mud Run), there were so many outstanding efforts and results of the tribe challenges. These were shown through your acknowledgements of the GMIC.

Here are the results of tribe challenges.

Photo Scavenger Hunt:

Marco’s Army 180

T-REX 260

Rohans Fanclub 340

Swans 340

Maryis 350

Legless Fish 360

Dunny Rolls 370

The Winners 430

Cool Kids Club 430

Zingers with 450 - winners!

Snowy River Challenge:

Swans 45.04

Zingers 32.40

Cool Kids Club 27.04

Legless Fish 25.04

Dunny Rolls 23.40

Rohans Fanclub 19.36

Marco’s Army 18.45

T-REX 18.44

Maryis 13.28

The Winners 13.28

Monster Course:

T-REX improved by 2.20

Dunny Rolls improved by 4.20

Cool Kids Club improved by 5.26

The Winners improved by 7.49

Maryis improved by 7.57

Swans improved by 8.16

Zingers improved by 10.09

Legless fish improved by 10.15

Rohans Fanclub improved by 10.22

Marco’s Army - most improved with the time of 14.24.

At the end of camp, each tribe voted for the person who showed and lived by the Five Keys.. Congratulations to James, Jude, Toby, Chelsea, Remy, Elias, Darcy, Charlotte, John, and Mitchell. You were all superb for your tribes and should be extremely proud of your efforts.

Thank you again to all students and teachers who came to The Summit. It was a fantastic week with your school.

Thank you again to Mr Waters for your leadership and guidance for all the students and teachers you lead.


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