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Mount Lilydale Mercy College Camp 2 Blog

The Summit was once again beyond privileged to have the Mt Lilydale students attend their year 9 camp with us.

They arrived Wednesday afternoon as we waved the first half of their year level goodbye, and the students arriving for camp 2 had no clue what was in store.

From day one until the end of camp, we saw all 100+ students grow and unleash their greatness. They did this by pushing themselves beyond their comfort zones. A tool we used to manage our comfort zones was our Target, Stretch, and Super Stretch.

  1. Target: something you know you can do

  2. Stretch: something you think you can do

  3. Super Stretch: something that seems impossible.

It was incredible to see how many people reached their super stretch and proved to themselves that IT IS possible.

Our epic activities were:

  1. Snowy River Challenge

  2. Summit Window

  3. Laser Skirmish

  4. Sky Bridge

  5. Scavenger Hunt

  6. Giant Swing

  7. Inflatables

  8. Leap of Faith

  9. Orienteering

  10. Flying Fox

The highlight activity of many students at camp was our Monster Course! The year 9 students had the opportunity to run our Monster Course at night! With their teams and teachers, the students ran through obstacles, dove into the mud, and had a lot of fun. When the students thought the course was over, they were told they were about to do the whole thing again! This was to show every student what they are truly capable of! Each team showed up and gave it their all!

A key message we aimed to get across was the importance of our beliefs. Night one we did a ‘mind and belief’ session, where students confronted their own personal limiting and empowering beliefs. The students now have a reference that they have the power to overcome any limiting beliefs, as they were strong enough, and they believed in themselves enough, to break through a wooden board with their own HAND!

We want to give a shout-out to all the people who lived and breathed by our Five Keys!

  1. Have Fun

  2. Play All In

  3. Make Lots of Mistakes

  4. Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

  5. Don’t Go Home Wondering What If

Remember, these keys can stick with you through life and can make so many experiences go from good to GREAT.

A special shout out to these 10 people who became the camp's Values winners, voted by their peers, as they were recognized and stood out when it came to showing the 5 keys. (They also got to go for a hot lap in our army tank).

  1. Lilka

  2. Elana

  3. Tilly

  4. Blake

  5. Benito

  6. Riley

  7. Sachain

  8. Giorgio

  9. Liv H

  10. Luke

We want to thank ALL of you. We are so proud. We hope you all keep being incredible human beings and we wish you so much luck in the future.

From The Summit Crew.


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