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Mt. Eliza Secondary College

Friday, Dec 11th, we saw the end of year 11 for the students and teachers from Mt Eliza SC as they left the grounds of The Summit Camp. It was a three day camp and end of year celebration they were hanging out for after being in restrictions for most of the year.

The initiatives went by so fast that there was only time to come up with a tribe name and attempt the initiative challenge. Con Cons, Relish, Stringy Joes, The Connors, Churches Army, and Team Tommy were the new name for the tribe.

Flying Fox was the classic enjoyment activity along with Laser Skirmish. Sky Bridge was a little wobbly at times but so many tackled and conquered the bridge bravely. Cave had everyone heading underground for a journey into the dark for themselves.

Giant Swing saw many swinging high and fast with the help of their tribemates. Lots of screams of laughter and sheer terror were heard throughout the camp.

Bush challenge was a great tribe vs tribe challenge for everyone.

The tribe results were as follows:

Bush Challenge: Churches Army 31.16, Con Cons 27.05, Team Tommy 25.56, Stringy Joes 16.16, The Connors 14.19, and winners were Relish with a time of 12.10.

The Monster Course was all about the improvement times with the following result:s Churches Army may have taken an extra 5 minutes but never gave up, Con Cons improved by 6.32, Team Tommy improved by 8.06, The Connors improved by 8,10, Stringy Joes improved by 8.25 and winning was Relish with an improvement of 9.03.

At the end of the camp, the tribes voted for their tribe member who lived out the camp by the Five Keys. Congratulation on your tank ride Stella, Abby, Harry, Grace, Holly, Live, and Rob. All of you were deserving winners.

Thank you again for coming to The Summit. We cannot wait for you to return in the not so distant future.


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