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Mt. Eliza Secondary College Blog

On Monday the 24th of November we welcomed a bunch of incredible year-11 students from Mt. Eliza. First of all, thank you for making the trek down, it was a pleasure to have you. From the very beginning, it was evident that the year 11s were going to be awesome. To kick start camp, we got all the students into the lodge where we presented them with our Five Keys. They are as follows:






At The Summit, we believe if you add these Five Keys into your experience here and outside of camp, your journey will be world-class. It was great to see so many of the year 11s adopt these keys. To get camp started we split the students into five separate groups or tribes and had them come up with their tribe names.

1. Dirt

2. Scott’s squad

3. BCC

4. Golden Gaytime’s

5. Ryan 10

The camp was started with two rotations with a wide range of challenges designed to test many distinct aspects of the groups' teamwork and courage. These activities ranged from a fun game of Laser tag to our Leap of Faith. Jumping off a 12-meter platform and reaching for the bar to then dangle upside down, before being released. Talk about the rush of a lifetime! Congratulations to those who caught the bar, expressly in the rain. Well done for playing all in!

Throughout the first day, we got to know the groups very quickly and it did not take long to see the potential for greatness that these students possessed.

The first night of camp was finished off with a self-run Minute to Win It game by the awesome teachers. We heard a lot of feedback from the students that they enjoyed themselves immensely.

On the first morning of camp, the students were introduced to the idea of setting an intention for the day. All with the intention to help us achieve our goals and be the person we want to be whilst on camp. Once we set our intentions it was back out to the park to conquer some more magical moments. Some of our other activities pushed the students even more outside their comfort zones, allowing the students to make as many mistakes as possible, this way the students could learn valuable lessons about themselves and each other. These activities included taking a nice relaxing ride over the water on our Flying Fox, climbing Tash’s Ladder, swinging on the largest swing in Victoria, working together to get through the Snowy River Challenge, climbing up and completing the High-Wire Challenge, heading up the highest high to complete The Summit Window, Abseiling and having a ball in Inflatable World.

Once we had completed our activities for the day it was time to truly unleash the students' greatness, it was time to complete our epic Monster Course. This course is designed to help our teams push themselves as hard as they can and to help each other bond more as a group. As the saying goes “you are only as strong as your weakest link” this challenge is all about teamwork and resilience. After completing not one, but two laps, our teams were well and truly ready for a warm shower and a nice hot dinner in prep for another busy day to follow. We thank you all for playing all in.

Monster improvement times

Group Dirt = 6.25

Group Scott’s squad = 5.20

Group BCC = 13.6

Group Golden Gaytime’s = 5.33

Ryan 10 = 13.30

Snowy times

1. 25.30

2. 9.14

3. 25.35

4. 24.13

5. 11.20

It was great to see every group make such great improvements on their times and we, as a coaching team, were amazed by their efforts.

To start our final morning at The Summit we got the students to think about all the things they had to be grateful for. Sometimes it's easy to get complacent and not be as present and grateful as we can be. As the saying goes “win the morning win the day” it was epic to have so many students share all the things they had to be thankful for.

After the students completed their last few activates it was time to have some lunch and hop back on the buses. However, before that happened, we had some awesome individuals that need to be recognized. These ten students were picked by their teammates in their last rotation. These students are known as our Values winners, these students lived by our 5 Keys to the fullest, it’s evident they aren’t going to be going home wondering what if. A huge congratulations to the following people.

1. Parker

2. Charlie

3. Page

4. Jackson

5. Maddy

6. Josh

We wish you all the absolute best for the year ahead, enjoy year 12.

And remember to HAVE ALL THE FUN!

From the Summit Team


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