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Mt Eliza Secondary College Camp Blog

On Wednesday the 25th of November we welcomed the Year 11’s from Mt Eliza Secondary. Thank you for making your way down to The Summit. After everyone was settled in and had some time to get set up, we met up in the Lodge to learn about how The Summit camp works, and a few handy skills that could help our camp experience go from Awesome to Epic.

The first thing was the Five Keys

  1. Have Fun

  2. Play All In

  3. Make Lots of Mistakes

  4. Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

  5. Don’t Go Home Wondering What If

Followed by our:



Super Stretch Goals.

Well done to everyone who put them to good use on day one. To start camp off played a game called Jumping Jilly. At first, we were skeptical if it could be done. However, thanks to Shooter, the day was saved. From there we split into our teams to crush out our first challenge of camp, solving some initiatives. These being- surviving the Tiles, Key Punch, Half Pipe, getting everyone through the Spider's Web, and remembering the pattern at GoGo. To all the teams that successfully finished, congratulations, to the teams who didn’t get as far, it was great to have something to work towards for the next rotation, also gave the team some great debriefing points. Team names were created quickly. We had :

1. Zesty

2. Mad Dogs

3. Dirty Frogs

4. Team Team

5. Willies

As the afternoon rolled on, we completed two rotations. Some of the activities found the students leaping 12 meters from the BIG tower to crab the Leap of Faith bar, Abseiling 18 meters down the wall, flying 26 meters in the air on the Giant Swing, navigating over the very wobbly Skybridge, and working together as a team at the Snowy River Challenge. For some these activities pushed many outside of their comfort zones. A huge congratulations to all that did their very best regardless. That’s what it’s all about, playing all in and doing your very best. As the afternoon came to a close it was time for warm clothes, showers, dinner, and some Minute-to-win-it challenges. Fair to say everyone was pretty tired.

To start our morning, we set ourselves a morning intention. A few of our goals were

. Do our best

. Give everything a go

. Send it

Just remember the clearer you are when setting your goals. You’ll be more likely to crush them. Especially with year 12 literally right around the corner. Now that we had some direction for our day it was time to get our bodies moving, we did this by playing a game of Jockeys. Despite the wet ground everyone still ran super-fast, even if it meant the Finlay fell over.

Now it was time to finish the rotations from the day before, thankfully the rain held off for us so it meant we could embrace the sunshine a bit more. We played many games over the course of camp and had lots of little challenges to hold ourselves accountable, one being the last one to the Stage had to do a challenge. Luckily we had two late suckers. Kath and Lachy. Their fun sequence was they had to do an egg blow before the mud run. Thanks to all the teachers who played all in each day with no hesitation.

After lunch, the students got changed into their muddy clothes ready for the Monster Course. Before that, however, they still had 5 new rotations of activities to complete, Trust Games, climbing 19 meters in the air on the Summit Window and leaning all the way back with no arms and one leg, collecting all the points at Scavenger Hunt, scurrying up Tash’s ladder and lending as many hands as possible when completing the Bush Challenge twice.

Before the mud run each team nominated 2 people from their teams to represent them. However, the two best were undefeated. Mr. Willy and Churcher.

Now the thing the students had been waiting for…. The Monster Course (mud run) not only did the students get comfortable being uncomfortable they truly played all in. They ran the course not once but twice.

Just remember when you feel like you have nothing more to give, you can always give a tiny bit more. As the afternoon came to a close it was time for a quick rinse in the outdoor showers, dinner, and disco.

As the next morning rolled around, we started it with an awesome session about gratitude by our lovely Spinks. Remember we all have access to our own gratitude remotes just depends on how creative you get with what’s programmed in. After we considered all the things, we had to be grateful for it was time to play a game called Pirates. Even though you lot were tired you still gave the game your very best, and that’s what it’s all about.

The sun was lovely enough to join us for the last two rotations of camp. For that last day, it was incredible to see many not going home wondering what if. Remember it’s not about how much you do but the attitude you bring to the situations at hand. The Summit team wishes you all the very best for the rest of year 12. Keep being awesome.

And to our awesome values winners, you deserve all the praise in the world you guys crushed it over the last three days.

1. Evy

2. Fin

3. Maddie

4. Thomas

5. Tarken


1. 5.20 1. 1. 1. 19.37 3rd

2. 7.50 1st 2. 660 2. 2. 19.59

3. 7.30 2nd 3. 640 3. 6:10 3. 17.73 2nd

4. 6.58 3rd 4. 620 4. 12: 30 4. 17.43

5. 7.30 2nd 5. 5. 8.09 5. 17.17 1st


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