Mt Lilydale Mercy College Blog

On the first week of March, we welcomed the year 9’s from Mt Lilydale Mercy College. What an incredible bunch of students. The Summit crew was excited for a week full of fun. The year 9’s arrived in two separate groups, the first lot arrived on Monday and the second group on Wednesday. Both groups got the same experiences. To kick start camp off we introduced the Year 9’s to our Five Keys, and to our Goal Setting Technique; Target, Stretch, Super Stretch


1. Have fun

2. Play all in

3. Make lots of mistakes

4. Get comfortable being uncomfortable

5. Don’t go home wondering what if

T,S, & SS

Target - Something the Kids know they can do.

Stretch – Something they think they can do.

Super Stretch - something that seems impossible but on their best day they could achieve it.

These key ingredients ensure the kids of Mt Lilydale get the best out of their time at The Summit, as we are all about unleashing greatness. Once we got the talking out of the way, it was time to go out into the park and tackle all of the awesome activities.

As the afternoon went on the students were broken off into 10 groups, throughout this time they had to come up with Team names. Once they all had Epic team names the Year 9’s had two rotations of activities. These Activities ranged from Laser Skirmish to the Giant Swing. It involved the students being clipped into their harnesses and flying 26 meters in the air with a friend. What an adrenalin rush. It was great to see many individuals step outside their comfort zones and push themselves further than they thought they could.

From the first few hours of being with the Mt Lilydale students, it was clear to see that there was no holding them back. No challenges were too big or too small.

The first night of camp was jam-packed; the Year 9’s got to embrace our Board Break. This activity is a mindset belief exercise we use for all ages ran by two of our best coaches; Matt our Impact Director and Maddi our Program Coordinator. The students and teachers are given a piece of pinewood where they can write down a limiting belief (something that may be holding them back) and an empowering belief (a strategy to help them achieve their limiting belief) Once the students have that written down they get to break the board with their hand. The atmosphere in the room is off the chain as they all support each other. The aim of this exercise is to leave the students believing more within and about themselves.

On the first morning of camp, we shared a little something called Setting an Intention for the Day. As the saying goes- win the morning win the day. We got the students to pick one or more words to describe what their best selves were going to look like on the first day of camp. Once they had that word, we went out into the park where we played a game. Once we got our bodies moving it was time to take on some more activities. The activities were: Leap of Faith, Abseil, The Giant Swing, Rock Wall, Tash’s Ladder, Inflatables, Snowy River, Laser, Orienteering, and Scavenger Hunt.

Again the Year 9’s found themselves tackling activities that challenged them in many ways, allowing them to expand their comfort zones a little bit more. The Year 9’s found themselves leaping off a 12-meter tower and then letting go falling upside down until they landed feet first on the mat. Climbing a 15-meter ladder and letting go with two hands, a team-building activity called The Snowy River Challenge, if the students didn’t balance over the beam correctly they would fall into knee-deep water. To bring an incredible day to an end, after dinner the Year 9’s got to tackle our epic Monster Challenge. Not once but twice. This is a timed event. The first run is to see how fast they can go, and the second to see their team’s improvement time. The reason why - we like the students to have a reference of them having nothing left to give and then doing better than what they thought they could, would, or should. Every team had a great improvement time on their second laps. GO TEAM! Great to see you all playing all in.

The final day of camp was started with a session on Gratitude; we got the year 9’s to think about all the things they were grateful for in their lives. And how the presence of our actions can have a positive effect on those around us. With gratitude on the radar the Year 9’s finished their last two rotations in great spirits. At the end of camp, the students were asked to vote for one person out from their team who lived by our 5 Keys. Who gave this camp their all and wouldn’t be going home with any regrets. These lucky people were rewarded with a hot lap in our WW2 Army Tank woooo!!

These people were:

Camp 1:

1- Bob the Builders – Avia

2- Balsie Blue - Nikoletta

3- Strikers - Ravi

4- Team Bob - Jake

5- Gold Fishies - Chloe

6- Cheezels - John

7- Lit Dogs - Jenna

8- Pumpkins - Jack