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Mullauna Secondary College Camp Blog

On the 31st of October, the year 8 students of Mullauna College arrived at The Summit. Over the three days they spent at camp, students pushed themselves out of their comfort zones to discover what they are truly capable of.

This was most of the students' first camp in years! So to make sure it was an epic experience we followed our Five Keys and goal-setting strategy

Five Keys:

  1. Have Fun

  2. Play All In

  3. Make Lots of Mistakes

  4. Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

  5. Don’t Go Home Wondering What If

Goal setting strategy

  1. Target: something you know you can do.

  2. Stretch: something you think you can do.

  3. Super Stretch: something that means impossible.

Each morning we started the day by reading out GMICs and setting an intention of what we wanted from the day, followed by a game where you got the opportunity to put your intention into action. We had a few competitive activities in our program and a lot of competitive students in our groups. These included the Snowy River Challenge, Laser Skirmish, Bush Challenge, and Monster Course.

Our other activity rotations included the students going beyond their comfort zones to unleash their greatness. These activities included:

· The Summit Window, climbing 18 meters high to then lean back with nothing but a harness and rope holding them

· Cave, crawling down in the dark and finding their way through the pitch black!

· Giant Swing, flying from the tallest giant swing in Victoria!

· Snake and Nails, conquering your fears of snakes and meeting Mitch, while also experiencing what it feels like to walk over a nail board

· High Wire, climbing up a tree onto a tightrope to meet your friend in the middle

· Sky Bridge, challenging yourselves physically and mentally to get back up when you fall down to make it to the end of the sky bridge

· Abseil, zooming down the side of our 18-meter-tall tower

· Inflatables, getting the chance to play all in and have fun through our adrenaline rush and human Foose ball!

· Flying Fox, getting to fly across our lake and through the sky!

The biggest challenge was our Monster Course! The course pushed a lot of people to their limits, as we not only did the course once but twice. This was to teach resilience and to prove that these groups of legends were more capable than they thought. The winning team was now decided by who improved their second lap time by the most!

On the last day of camp, we got to reflect on the past couple of days by sharing the things we are grateful for.

In our reflection, we also asked the students to vote for value winners. The value winners were determined by people who truly took our Five Keys on board and got comfortable being uncomfortable!

Thank you all for coming to The Summit, best wishes for the rest of the year!


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