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Northcote PS Camp Blog

It has been a pleasure to have the grade 5 and 6 students from Northcote P.S. at The Summit for the past three days.

The weather was not going to stop anyone from having all the fun. After the formal introductions, it was time to get out into the park and start camp. Each tribe came up with a name:

Super Stretches

Furious 14

Team Tim Tam


Kool Cids Klub

Mighty Mangos


Every student really embraced the Five Keys of The Summit as they had fun, played all in, made lots of mistakes, got comfortable being uncomfortable, and did not leave camp wondering what if.

Flying Fox saw each person soar through the sky, over our lake to the waiting teachers, all with huge smiles on their faces. Laser Skirmish had you all laughing as you played army personnel against your friends and teachers. Inflatables were a hit with everyone being human Foosball players then racing through the inflatable obstacle course, how much fun was that? Highwire had you gather your thoughts and inner circus performer as you attempted to walk out on the wire to the middle to meet up with your chosen friend and high-five them. Cave was all about going into the unknown and trusting your right hand to guide you to the end bunk room with your friends waiting for their “Quiet”. Snake and Nails was a lot about mind over matter as you had the chance to hold a snake and walk across the bed of nails.

Monster Course was probably the highlight for most as you got wet, and muddy and did a range of challenges around The Summit. Here are the full results of the Monster Course. Eggs improved by 5.37, Team Tim Tams improved by 5.44, 7/11 improved by 6.03, Kool Cids Klub improved by 6.30, Mighty Mangos improved by 8.06, Super Stretches improved by 8.13, and winning the Monster with an improvement of 10.27 were Furious 14. Well done everyone.

At the end of camp, you all voted for a member of your tribe who lived out The Summit Values. These were Nikos and Isla, Tom, Talia, Tole, Leki, Lucy, and Ned. Thank you again to everyone who came to The Summit from Northcote P.S. we can not wait to see you back again next year.


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