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Northside Christian College year 7 and 8’s started off the year with an epic camp at The Summit. An action-packed 3 days filled with activities that would challenge the students both individually and in their teams.

The students learned that there would be 5 things to focus on while at camp that would allow them to truly see what they could achieve. The 5 keys are: Have Fun, Play All In, Make Lots of Mistakes, Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable & Don’t Go Home Wondering What If.

The activities allocated to help them achieve these were The Giant Swing, Snowy River Challenge, Summit WIndow, Laser Skirmish, Rock Wall, and The Scavenger Hunt. The students were in 6 groups with 6 pretty sweet tribe names, they were The Musk Sticks, Bananas, Minties, Raspberries, Clinkers, and The Sherbies. They learned and accomplished a lot in these teams. The Snowy River challenge was timed and the winning team was The Clinkers, finishing off at 15:28. Woooooooo!! Go The Clinkers! The Monster Course was the big team challenge and the aim of the event is to improve as a team. All of the 6 improved their team's time by a minimum of 5 minutes, NICE! The winning team with the biggest improvement time was The Clinkers! WELL DONE! An epic improvement of 16 mins12 secs. Everyone gave camp a red hot go and made it a great few days for The Summit Crew. There were chosen team members who were voted by their peers for demonstrating the 5 Keys. Well done to Neane, Christie, Addison, Daniel, Alex & Daniel. Thanks for a great week Northside, excited to have you guys back. Cam, Tim, Jac, Liam, Cheyenne, Sophie, Sarah.


1st Clinkers 16.12

2nd Bananas 15.00

3rd Rasberries11.43

4th Sherbies 11.38

5th Minties 11.08

6th Muskstcks 5.12


1st Clinkers 15.28

2nd Sherbies 16.52

3rd Musksticks 17.38

4th Bananas 19.26

5th Minties 29.06

6th Raspberries 32.17


1st Clinkers 500pts

2nd Bananas & Raspberries 480pts

3rd Minties 370pts

4th Sherbies 360pts

5th Musksticks 260pts


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