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Northside Christian College Year 7 & 8 Blog

On a warm Monday afternoon, the school of Northside Christian Collage came through The Summit gates. Eager to get going they were shown to their tent accommodation and told to meet their Summit Leader Steph in the Blue Room. There they were introduced to the ‘Five Keys’ and the rest of The Summit crew. The first thing the groups did was play a game called Egg, Tiger, Crane” and then they smashed two initiative rotations. To finish the first day up, the groups completed one activity rotation, where they also came up with some tribe names of their own.

Day 2, the group looks ready to go, after breakfast we start our day with morning intentions and were shown the video “20 Things to Say More Often” by Kid President, asking the students to think about who they want to be for the day for themselves as well as their team. The tribes completed four epic rotations where we witness heaps of targets, stretches and super stretches.

After rotation 3 the tribes got ready to complete their tribe challenges where groups go head-to-head to secure a spot in the Monster Course, groups were reserved at the start, but as the challenges went on the group got better and better. The tribe challenges were Tug of War, Show Bowling and Giant Tic Tac Toe. The groups lined

up ready for the Monster Course and Smashed their first lap, the group were unaware they were going to run the same course twice, we do this to show resilience and teach the kids that when they think they’ve got nothing left, they can dig deep and still keep going.

On day three, the final day of camp, the tribes had two more activities. In the morning, when the tribe made their intentions clear we also did gratitude, and they were told to not go ‘checking out’ early and to be present during the last two activities. To start off, the tribe got their bodies moving doing a game called Pirates.

In the last debrief the tribe completed a debriefing strategy called ‘Rock, Stick and Leaf’ where the students were told to reflect upon camp and the growth that has been shown. The team also voted for tribe members who represented the Five Keys throughout camp.

Thank you for coming to The Summit, all the best with the rest of the year!

Steph (Spag/Spinks), Mason, Rowan, Mim, Ella and Steph I☺


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