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On Monday, a group of boys and their teachers made their way to The Summit. The camp started with an introduction of the Five Keys: Have Fun, Play All In, Make Lots of Mistakes, Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable, and Don't Go Home Wondering What If. After learning about the Target, Stretch, Super Stretch, it was time to get into it. We started off with two initiatives with everyone taking Tiles in their stride and crushing it, to getting super close but not quite finishing the Half Pipe. It was then time to really put into play what we had previously been taught.

Starting on Tash's Ladder, it was a fantastic opportunity to start to push comfort zones and get a birds-eye-view of camp. The second activity of the day was Laser Skirmish, and it went off like a frog in a sock! The team, now known as Da Boyz, loved getting in and having fun while shooting at each other with lasers guns! Day one certainly had a lot of fun and a lot of laughs involved!

Day two started with watching a video (after Jackie worked her magic and got it to work!) and then set the Morning Intentions; choosing how to show up to the day.

Day two's morning started with the Leap of Faith. This really had some of the guys focusing on their Targets, Stretches and Super Stretches. Honourable mention for Kara for being the only one to hang upside down!

After Leap, we all headed up to the top of the tower for the Summit Window. This activity had a few of the team let go, figuratively and literally (while being held safely by the rope), of some fears and doubts, and the tower.

The last activity before lunch was the Cave. This was a really cool experience as everyone got the chance at a small, solo journey through the dark cave to the end. It was very impressive how quiet everyone kept while waiting and hearing their friends and teammates make their way through the cave.

After lunch, we had The Snowy River Challenge. which had everyone working together to get through a series of obstacles. It was an awesome sight to watch everyone get in and keep teammates safe with some impeccable spotting! The Snowy River acted as a bit of a warm-up for the Monster Course!

The Monster Course had everyone carrying tyres, throwing things, crawling, climbing, squeezing, getting wet and muddy, and generally having the best time! The resilience and determination everyone showed to get the task done were super cool! To finish the Monster Course, everyone got to have a cool off in the lake, and for those who wanted it, a slide down the waterslide!

Day three started with a chance to reflect on some gratitude, and to think about things in our lives we have and are thankful for. Hearing what everyone was grateful for was a really uplifting way to start the morning. It was then time to take on the Flying Fox!

The Fox is always a chance to have some fun, as you fly over the big lake. A big thank you to our wonderful catchers. The last activity of camp was Inflatables! It all started with a game of Foosball - which ended in a draw in the dying seconds of the game! It was then time to take on the adrenaline rush challenge! After a relay race and some individual races, camp was done. We all headed back down to the Snowy tent. For our final debrief, everyone's name was put on a piece of paper, then everyone drew a name. We then went around the circle, saying something they thought the person on the paper did that was awesome. Hearing what was said about each other was a really beautiful way to end camp!

Thank you, Adam, Billie, Cody, Jai, Josh, Kane, Kody, Lachlan, Robert, Xavier, Kara, Karen, and Nick. It was truly an absolute blast hanging out with you all!

- Jackie


Snowy River Challenge


Monster Course

Lap 1: 38:35

Lap 2: 29:27

Difference: 9:08


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