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It has been an amazing end to term one for The Summit with the year 7’s of Our Lady of Sion and their teachers coming for their three-day camp. With a quick initiative and a decision on a tribe name, each group now formed its own tribe identity. Blue Cheese, Blue Rats, Lad Chads, Cheeses, Wonky Donkey, Spicey Nuggie Ninjas, Bofanators, Ear Wigs, Swaggy Survivors, Shorties, Potato Goes, and Juicy Pickles were the names each tribe would be called.

At the conclusion of the first day, each student had the opportunity to break through a limiting belief and focus on an empowering belief as they break a board. You now have an amazing bit of evidence to show to yourself your strength of empowering beliefs. Throughout camp, there were so many amazing efforts shown and acknowledged through G.M.I.C.

Here are the results from each of the tribe's challenges. (Remembering that there were 8 rotations and some tribes did not do some activities).

Bush Challenge: 37.24 was for Spicey Nuggie Ninjas, 35.48 Bofanators, 33.30 Potato Goes, 27.17 Ear Wigs, 26.12 Swaggy Survivors, 23.55 Juicy Pickles, 23.09 Blue Cheese and winning was Shorties with a time of 20.25.

Snowy River Challenge: Cheeses had finished off at 44.08, Blue Rats at 42.52, Bofanators had a time of 37.21, Lad Chads with 36.12, Ear Wigs at 35.39, Spicey Nuggie Ninjas 28.27, Wonky Donkeys at 25.14 and winning with a time of 22.34 was Blue Cheese.

The Monster Course really showed the resilience of each tribe, competing and completing the course with improved times. Here are the improvement results: Spicey Nuggie Ninjas by 15 seconds, Lad Chads at 4.46, Juicy Pickles improved by 5.06, Ear Wigs by 5.23, Shorties by 6.09, Bofanators improved by 6.22, Potato Goes faster by 7.04, Swaggy Survivors improved by 10.00, Blue Rats by 11.20, Blue Cheese 12.08, Cheeses by 12.34 and winning the Monster Course with a brilliant 13.43 improvement was Wonky Donkeys.

At the end of camp, each of you voted for a member of your tribe who lived by the Five Keys. These people were acknowledged and rewarded with a ride in The Summit Army Tank. Congratulations to Mae, Chiara, Lily, Ebony, Aurelia, Isobel, Elody, Olivia. McDiarmid, Lizzy, Sophie, Maddy, and Zara. N.

Thank you to Our Lady of Scion for coming to The Summit! We cannot wait to see you again soon.


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