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On Wednesday, the Grade Fives from Parktone Primary School made the trek down to The Summit for their first-ever school camp! Before hitting the activities, everyone learned about the Five Keys: Have Fun, Play All In, Make Lots Of Mistakes, Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable, and Don’t Go Home Wondering What If. The goal-setting strategy of Target, Stretch, Super Stretch was the next thing everyone was taught. The first challenge of the day was to come up with a team name.

From this moment on, the groups would be known as:

Group 1: The Fantastic Heroes Of Awesomeness

Group 2: Team Dragon Cookies

Group 3: Champion Pumpkins

Group 4: Fearless Fours

Group 5: Cookie Cool Kids

Group 6: Donald Ducks

The next step was to design and create an epic team flag! The first rotation of activities saw everyone put what they’d learned so far into practice.

Day Two started with setting the day up with Morning Intentions. The Grade Fives learned about how choosing something for the day, could make that day a whole lot more fulfilling. Embracing the first two keys, a game of Huckle Buckle kicked off the jam-packed day. The morning continued with three more rotations of Giant Swing, Abseil, High Wire, Bush Challenge, Laser Skirmish, and Orienteering. After lunch, saw the groups pitted out against each other in a Tug Of War showdown! After several rounds, Group 5 came out on top! The teachers and The Summit Staff then fought it out with the teachers winning. It was then time for the Monster Course. The Monster Course had students getting wet, and muddy, and pulling, and catching, and balancing, and having a whole lot of fun! Before we knew it, day two was completed.

Day Three started with some Gratitude and a lot of the Grade Fives were sharing what they were thankful for in their own lives. A game of Jockeys got everyone ready and fired up to finish camp strong. The last two rotations seemingly flew by and before everyone knew it, it was lunchtime. Everyone came together and the results were announced. Each group had voted for someone they believed had lived their best camp and used all the Five Keys. These winners were rewarded with a lap in the Army Tank.

A big thank you to all the staff and students from Parktone Primary for all the fun and laughter!

- Jackie, Ash, Liam, Sophie, Ella, Paris, Cheyenne, Maddi.


Bush Challenge

Group 1: 38:36

Group 2: 29:36 – 2nd

Group 3: 25:03 – 1st

Group 4: 38:42

Group 5: 35:16 – 3rd

Group 6: 40:58

Monster Course:

Group 1: 5 minutes

Group 2: 2 minutes

Group 3: 14 minutes – 1st

Group 4: 7 minutes

Group 5: 10 minutes – 2nd

Group 6: 9 minutes – 3rd

Values Winners:

Group 1: Keely

Group 2: Sadie

Group 3: Bruno

Group 4: Kurtis + Landon

Group 5: Hallie

Group 6: Josh


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