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What a fun-filled first day we shared with the year 7’s from Peninsula Grammar. To start camp off, we shared The Summit's 5 Keys with the students:

1 Have Fun

2 Play All In

3 Make Lots of Mistakes

4 Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

5 Don’t Go Home Wondering What-If

After that we got our bodies moving- playing a game called Jumping Jilly, the aim is to keep an exercise ball up in the air for 50 touches or more as one large group. We had a few attempts finishing on a solid 31. Great efforts from everyone. From there we played another game called Pirates, this was an elimination game as we only wanted the best of the best on the ship, the students found themselves saluting the captain, scrubbing the deck, searching the sea, climbing the rigging, and jumping in and out multiple times. Once the students had warmed up their bodies it was time to split into their activity groups. The year 7’s completed two rotations of initiatives, these initiatives found the students, thinking outside the square, running, balancing, remembering patterns, solving puzzles, building pyramids, racing the clock, and navigating through The Summit's very own Spider’s Web. All these activities brought the students a little closer. It’s awesome to see many students get comfortable being uncomfortable.

To finish off the afternoon, groups 1,2 and 3 were the first lucky contestants to camp out on the island and cook in the Trangia cookers. The fire was roaring, and Hubert was playing with his didgeridoo. What a wicked way to kick camp off. The rest of the year 7’s were enjoying a Summit run trivia session in the lodge- congratulations to the Potatoes, and Bravos for taking 1st place, EBarbs 2nd place, followed by the Donkeys on 3rd. WELL DONE! After a fun-filled day, it was time for bed.

As day two rolled around many students found themselves slip slop slapping in the morning as there was a 22-degree day on the raider. To start the first morning off we got all the students together in the lodge and asked them to set a goal/intention for their day. As the saying goes 'win the morning win the day'. As few intentions were to:

· Do everything

· Do my best

· Be a supportive friend and play all in

· Have fun

· Support our teammates

After this, we went to the stage and showed the students how to put on our harnesses and helmets so they could tackle all the fun activists.

Once they had all the information, we played a game called Evaluation (rock paper scissors style) congratulations to the Very Last Egg, Chicken, Crocodile, T-Rex, and The Extreme Human Beings. You legends played all in.

The activities challenged the students in many ways, some students found themselves Abseiling down our Big Tower, leaping 12 meters off our Leap of Faith platform, flying 26 meters on the tallest giant swing in Victoria, slipping and sliding on the Laser Field, racing each other on the Inflatable World, getting to know and hold our pet Snake Mitch and walking over a Nail board, using each other’s team working on skills at Snowy River and The Bush Challenge, scurrying up the trees at High Wire, navigating through our dark Cave, flying foxing over the Summit's lake, climbing 18 meters in the air leaning back and letting go with both hands and one leg wow what a thrilling experience.

To bring the day to a close we played a game called Jockeys with the students. Congratulations to all those who played hard right up until the end. What a way to finish a fun-filled day. After dinner, the students participated in an awesome staff run Minute to Win It- congratulations to Bravoes and The Potatoes taking out first place, Apples in close 2nd place and followed by DJ’s, 711’s and Monkeys all in 3rd place.

As a new day rolled around it was time to think about all the things, we have to be grateful for, we got the year 7’s to consider all the things they have in their worlds to be grateful for. The little things sometimes make up for all the big things. A few things the students were grateful for were.

· A house

· Education

· Being on camp

· Fun Adventures

· Family

· Going to school

· Shelter

· Food

· Health care

What an incredible list of things to be grateful for. When you feel grateful, it’s hard to be sad or ungrateful for the things we don’t have. Once we made our way down to the stage it was time to play a few more games. Rock Paper Scissors Chant, Construction Crain and Heads or Tails. Congratulations to all the winners, you know who you are! :)

It was then time to head back into the activities, all the students roared through the activities they hadn’t completed yet, this continues through until Thursday afternoon. So many students absolutely crushed their Super Stretches. We are all so very proud of you. The students were pushing themselves both physically and mentally. So many smiles from ear to ear after completing activities they didn’t think they could achieve. Just remember to back yourself and be brave. You’ve got this!!

As the year 7’s completed three lots of rotations and lunch, it was time for games in the afternoon- we played Tic Tac Toe, Tug of War, and a few rounds of dodge ball. Congratulations to team 12 (Bravoes) for demolishing Tug of War and taking away the gold medal 1st place.

After a bit of free time and dinner, it was time for more fun. The Summit crew ran a fun game called War Games, ultimately a big game of tag. Well done for groups Blue (1st PLACE) Orange (2nd PLACE) and Pink (3rd PLACE) you legends played all in there was no doubt about it. To settle down the night the students sat under the clear blue sky and shared a few GMICS from the day. What a way to finish an incredible day.

As Thursday rolled around It was, unfortunately, time to cut camp a little bit shorter. To finish on an incredible high, we got the students to dress in their mud clothes after breakfast ready to embrace the mud before tracking home. A huge congratulations to all the students who didn’t leave camp wondering what if. Throughout the last few hours of camp, there were so many incredibly fun moments. The students completed the mud run not once but twice!!! How amazing, the reason is to truly unleash the students' greatness and give them a reference for knowing they can do much more than they think they are capable of. Once the students washed off/ showered it was time to eat some lunch and hop on the buses. The Summit team wish you nothing but the best for the rest of the year ahead. We absolutely loved having you legends join us over the last 4 days. Remember to keep smiling! And to all the teachers from PGS thank you for all the extra hard work and hours you all put in. We appreciate it so very much; we can’t wait to see you all again next year.


1st place = 15:30 (The Spider Pigs)

2nd place = 16:28 (Dj Rahnmefz)

3rd place = 16:48 (The Frogs)


1st place = 19:35 (E barbs)

2nd place = 21:25 (Bravos)

3rd place = 21:43 (Hog riders)


1st place = 11:20 (Bravos)

2nd place = 10:00 (7-11)

3rd place = 9:10 (the Trees)


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